Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On November 22, 2010 at approximately 6:49 PM the Darke County Sheriff’s Office received multiple 911 calls reporting a serious crash at US Route 127 and Kruckeberg Road in Greenville Township. Darke County Deputies, Greenville Township Fire and Rescue units responded.

Carolyn Dickey, age 79 of Ansonia, Ohio was traveling east on Kruckeberg Road in her 2005 Buick LeSabre. Dickey was attempting to make a left hand turn to the north on US Route 127 when she pulled into the path of a south bound Ford pick up truck driven by Gary Flatter, age 61 of Greenville, Ohio.

Dickey and her 16 year old female passenger were both transported to Wayne Health Care in Greenville by Greenville Township Rescue where their condition is unknown. Flattter was treated by EMS at the scene and refused transport.

Dickey was cited for failing to yield to the south bound vehicle.

The intersection of US Route 127 and Kruckeberg Road has been the site of a number of injury accidents over the last few years. The Darke County Sheriff reminds motorists to be especially diligent at this intersection in checking for crossing traffic on US Route 127 due to the multiple lanes of traffic. Motorists should slow down and take the time to have a second look in all directions; it just might save your life. An additional reminder to motorists on US Route 127 the posted speed limit is 55 mph. The divided highway around Greenville lends itself to excessive speeding; Darke County Deputies will be enforcing traffic laws vigilantly in these areas. Always wear your seatbelt and arrive at your destination safely during this holiday season.


  1. How about a traffic light or SOMETHIN?!? How many accidents have there been there in the last few years? WAY TOO MANY! I really try to avoid that area because even if you are careful, you always have somebody like this just ready to Tbone you. (you're like a sitting duck there waiting to turn and hoping you don't get nailed or slid into from behind)

  2. Accidents of this sort could be alleviated if the main route of traffic onto 127 was redirected to the interchange at U.S. 127 and 121 or by possibly looking at constructing a merging lane to the north. It seems as if hardly a week or two go by before there is another incident.

  3. This is a bad intersection for left-hand turns, especially during busier times of the day. I think people get transfixed watching the northbound traffic waiting for an opportunity to pull out. Once that opportunity comes, they forget to check the southbound lane and pull out. Meanwhile, those turning left tend to get traffic backed up while they wait.

    The inexpensive solution would be to prohibit left turns there.

  4. ODOT has a plan to close this intersection and make enhancements to the 121/127 intersection.

  5. well that would be good! When I travel to Greenville and go home off Kruckeburg Road I always go 121 to 127 it is much easier and ALOT SAFER than using the stop sign off Kruckeberg to 127. I witnessed an bad accident there on my way to work one day. The lady pulled out into the path of a dump truck and it rolled in the medium. That's been at least 5 yrs ago. And I see accidents are still occuring. I been wondering who to call about a traffic signal there. I think it would be benefical except you would have to be cautious for those that run the lights. Now you say ODOT is planning to enhance 121/127 wonder what they plan..That intersection is a accident waiting to happen. If you want to turn left you will be there half the day...very busy intersection not only an outlet to shopping and food but to Whirlpool as well.


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