Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dayton Daily News now has some of its web content behind a subscriber's wall

A note to DarkeJournal readers on links in general - and Dayton Daily News' recent move to limit access to web content. DarkeJournal frequently links to other news and information websites. The general attitude on the internet is that more integration and traffic is better. In most cases, other websites welcome links to their pages. Some websites (such as Dayton Daily News,, and Cincinnati Enquirer, for example) allow links per their official user agreement. We have also made informal agreements with other sites (Celina Daily Standard, Tipp News, Mercer County Outlook, and others) to use or share links and information. But even without these links, the current law is that nobody can claim "ownership" of a hypertext link. It is public information just like a street address. And so - over time - DarkeJournal has sought to not only provide original content, but also to be a convenient place to find Darke County-related content on other websites.

In the last week, however, Dayton Daily News has chosen to put some of its content behind a "wall" that only subscribers can access. It's hard to tell exactly where they are going with this, but several of the stories on their homepage currently are for subscribers only ... with this message: "This story will not appear on our free website. Our most extensive reporting is only available to our subscribers. To subscribe, call (937) 222-5700 or visit DaytonDailyNews/subscribe. Subscribers have online access to this story at" As an aside, the "subscription wall" has been a disaster for most newspapers that have tried it ... but best of luck DDN!

We do not want to put dead links on this site, even if they are dead links just for some people. And therefore DarkeJournal will not link any stories on Dayton Daily News that require a subscription. If you see a link here, it will be one that everybody can access.


  1. Thanks for all the work you do on this site to keep us all informed.

  2. Thanks for keeping it free and open , when you can. I know the other local site has the " read more" button and that is when I find I need to subscribe. Instead of subscribing I move to another site. I guess that's another good reason I'm here!

  3. I believe that The Columbus Dispatch tried the online subscription thing a few years ago, and found out that it didn't help them one bit. So, they went back to a full online service without a subscription. Leave it to the Dayton Daily News....that paper has gone to the dogs the past 10 years.

  4. But this site is so one sided on topics and doesnt allow comments that JA doesnt approve of. Its a political platform for him. Im not he only one who feels this way in the community. If your going to run a community website, allow all comments and dont use it to benefit yourself.


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