Thursday, November 18, 2010

Demographics of Sex Offenders in Ohio (Myths vs. Facts)

MYTH: Sex offenders are evenly distributed across the state so that the communities will be able to fully assist and assimilate them, thereby reducing their recidivism.

FACT: Greenville per capita has 15 times more registered sex offenders than Columbus, Ohio. Darke County excluding Greenville has only twice the number of registered offenders per capita than Columbus Ohio.

Table 1 Comparative sex offender demographics Greenville, Darke County and Columbus Ohio

* April 2010: **Darke County Sheriff website:

[oops ... 5th row in table above should have the numbers 2 and then 7, not 7 and then 8. Will fix later]

MYTH: Sex offenders are relatively free of other problems.

FACT: According to one case management report over 80% of the offenders of a resident program have substance abuse issues. In addition 8-16% of the prison population has at least one serious mental disorder and is in need of psychiatric services. To the extent that these issues present serious barriers to transitioning prisoners, they also present serious risks to the communities to which large numbers of prisoners return. Parole officers of Darke County have three times the number of parolees that is considered manageable.

MYTH: Darke County can offer employment to the sex offenders.

FACT: The unemployment rate in Darke County is 12 percent higher than Columbus and Franklin County. Those that mentor ex-felons clearly state that having a job is the most essential component of rehabilitation and the prevention of recidivism.

Submitted by Rebecca A. Reier



  2. Editorial correction:
    Written text is correct. There is a typo correction to Table 1, the fifth column, third row should read "2 times" (not 7) and 7 times (not 8).
    The Author

  3. Most essrntial part of "rehabilitation" is jobs?? WE DON'T HAVE THAT AT ALL? Why are they HERE??

  4. I don't suppose it has occurred to those hyping the hysteria that a.) rehabilitation is preferable to lack of same, or b.) a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure, i.e., let's examine the societal influences that have fostered this explosion of sex offenses and work to curb them. But, no, "free speech" dictates that pornography not be censored. It is far more practical to load all these offenders onto a boat and send them away, which we can then repeat ad infinitum. Greenville, the capital of the state of myopia. "We have met the enemy and he is us." - Pogo

  5. This is disgusting.
    What more can be done about it?

  6. I hope all the blind people that support John Graham will wake the hell up! This is crazy! Thank you Mrs.Reier.

  7. To:
    November 19, 2010 3:50 PM

    Its "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

    If you're going to quote Ben, get it right.

  8. 3:50-WHAT? Is a pound of prevention worth a pound of cure?? Is that your point?? lol

  9. A article in The Huffington Post "Chelsea's Law signed by Schwarzenegger, Will Give Some Sex Offenders Life in Prison" by Elliot Spagat dated 09/20/2010 states the following information

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger signed legislation to put some sex offenders in prison for life. Chelsea's Law is named for Chelsea King, who was killed by 31-year-old convicted child molester John Gardner. Amber Dubois was also killed by Gardner. The Kings said they plan to promote similar legistion in other states and have trageted Texas, Florida, Colorado and Ohio.
    Chelsea's law allows life without parole sentences for adult predators who kidnap, drug, bind, torture or use a weapon while committing a sex crime against a child. Life terms could be ordered for first-time and repeat offenders.
    Also it increases other penalties for child molesters including requiring life time parole with GPS tracking for people convicted of forcible sex crimes against children under 14.
    Assemblyman Natham Fletcher the San Diego Repulican who spear headed the Chelsea's Law legislation, said in an interview it would have resulted in a longer prison sentence, possibly life, and longer parole for John Gardner in 2000 for molesting a 13-year-old neighbor. Gardner served 5 years of a 6 year sentence and repeatedly violatede parole.

  10. if we are sooo much higher the the average then this can only be bad news for the city and the county.....bad people attract bad people, do we want to be known as the sex offender capital of ohio, maybe this could cause business not to come here as negative numbers and even rumors can play a part in things mr G is only out for the ol might buck and thats it...enough is enough.....

  11. Although I don't support Greenville being a sex-offender haven, I do see a lot of ignorance/fear mixed in with the facts.

    The most significant statement here to me is the employment. I would like to hear JG explain how a county with high unemployment is the ideal place for a program that relies on employment opportunities to be successful.

    Based on needing jobs and our community not having them, it's pretty cut and dry. The debate on recidivism and potential danger becomes unnecessary. Even those who believe in rehabilitation or are open to ministering to these people should realize that we don't have the resources.

  12. These are disturbing facts, Obviously, the Greenville community does not have the resources to rehabilitate or house these people. Larger communities would definitely be a better choice. I am disturbed, though, that so people in Darke County are actually afraid to sign their names to their opinions. Many posts here are ANONYMOUS or just contain initials. That is not a reason for pride. Be like JOHN HANCOCK and sign your name BIG AND PROUD.


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