Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greenville High School National Honor Society Tap Assembly Program

Click on photo for super-sized version. A list of all inductees is below the jump
Front Row 1: Kelsey Wolfe (12)*, Torri Keaser (12)* President, Audrey Garber (12)* Vice President, Prital Mehta (12)* Secretary, Julie Lemon (12)* Treasurer, and Kent Holmes (12)* Student Council President.

Row 2: Jay-Paul Choudhary (12), Hugo VanderWalt (11), Regan Garber (11), Michael Karns (11), Kurt Gruenberg (12), Alexis Sutherland (11), Nicole Wheeler (11), and Samuel Jones (11).

Row 3: Nicole Leis (11), Douglas Taylor (11), Elizabeth Horner (11), Nicole Raffel (11), Kami Berner (12), Jessica Bowers (12), Whitney Wirrig (12), Kaitlyn McDermitt (11), and Elizabeth Shields (12).

Row 4: Andrew Cech (11), Parker Cameron (11), Stephanie Schieltz (12), Mariah Reitz (11), Amanda Helfrich (11), Jessica Dorsten (11), Kimberlee Galloway (12), Claire Sherman (11), and Jenilee Braun (11).
Row 5: Pankti Bhavsar (11), Tracy Bunger (11), Erika Lemar (11), Christina Cost (11), Madison Shuret (12)*, Aireca Hetzler (12)*, Angela Borgerding (12)*, Ivy Berger (12)*, and Ashley Garber (12)*.

Row 6: Landen Kiser (11), Matthew Orth (12), Robert Detling (12), Zachary Stull (12)*, Nicole Davis (12)*, Abbey MacKenzie (12)*, Jonathan Jetter (12)*, and Caleb Overbay (12)*.

Row 7: Caleb Beasecker (11), Jon Edwards (11), Chelsea Buzard (12)*, Katrina Myers (12)*, Landon Bruner (12)*, and Hillary Harmon (12)*.

Row 8: Daniel Kensinger (12)*, Ian Brown (12)*, Brianna Booker (12)*, Rachel Kindley (12)*, and Seth Gessler (12)*.

Back Row 9: Mrs. Amber Warner (NHS Advisor), Mr. Chris Mortensen (GHS Principal), Mrs. Cindy Scott (BOE member), Mr. Jim Sommer (BOE member), Rev. Joe Payne (BOE member), and Mr. Ben Studabaker (BOE member).

(12) = Senior, (11) = Junior, * = Present member (or two year member); New inductees do not have *


  1. Ah, National Honor Society. Or, as we referred to it in High School (and we were in NHS) the "National Lack of Honor Society." People that graduated high in my class didn't get in. One person got great grades and took care of ailing grandparents after school instead of sports, clubs, music, etc.

    Congrats to those who did make it into NHS. For those who didn't, or their kid didn't, as is evident by Guest12's comment today at 5:59 in the chat that (s)he has a bad experience with it, understand that there is plenty more in life than NHS and being looked over now doesn't mean you will be in the future.

  2. Well said 6:07....there is life (and college with scholarships) with or without being in NHS.

  3. Congratulations to all of you! You have worked hard and deserve to be recognized. You should all be proud of yourselves, as I am sure your parents are!
    Wishing you much success in the future.

  4. The kids dont pickem , Why would you post something that could ruin one of the bigest days of these kids life 6:07 pm and guest12 you both are idiots! Do you ever think about how many of these kids have computers and go to thies sites!

  5. Wow, 9:50 p.m. sounds like a cranky parent! Dude even said congrats to the kids and said that those who didn't make it should just look to the future. Take a chill pill. What, your kid make it or something?

  6. Regardless of who made it and who didn't, whose GPA was above someone elses, and so on, congrats to the achievements of those selected! Also, to those not selected, don't let something like this get you down. Outside of GHS, nobody will know you weren't selected anyway! And if they do, use it as a story as to why you persevere through life and will always keep trying no matter the result.

  7. 11/24 6:28 VERY WELL SAID! :)

  8. Congrats to you all! I know you parents are proud!


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