Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Heaven and Back (a true story) ~ by Abraham Lincoln

I already knew some things about religion. I knew that if I was born to Muslim parents I would never become a Jew. If I was born to Baptist parents I would never become a Catholic. If I was born to Methodist parents I would never become a Muslim. I was always looking for a solution to where do we go from here.

I was speaking at a university in Washington State; not about religion but about writing and my invitation was from a group of people in the area, and the university.

After I had finished my lecture and at Q&A (question and answer) time, a religious group, from Portland, began to tell me about my future. I felt uncomfortable but tried to be nice and listen.

At Noon, after I had finished my speaking obligation, I was invited to a private home for lunch and when I got there, this religious group was already there.

Their spokesman said they were told to come and hear me talk but never said who told them. If I had to guess they would have said, God told them.

Their leader was a portly middle-aged woman who, they claimed, could send me to Heaven. I must admit the idea of going to Heaven and getting back in one piece was interesting and I had nothing to lose if I took the trip and she guaranteed it.

I have never been put to sleep or put in a trance until I had surgery for an aortic aneurysm. When I woke up from that they had both Dramamine and Morphine drips stuck in my body.

Drugs helped the pain as I flew in and out of my hospital room, in the bed—back and forth right through the window. I saw Elvis Presley in a painting hanging on the wall in my room and I told everyone and they smiled and saw him too.

So there I was, offered a trip to Heaven and back without Dramamine or Morphine and I didn’t get a shot or swallow any pills.

I remember the lady from Portland saying something about going back to another time and place and I assumed this was about Life Regression and had nothing to do with Heaven or Hell. And then I popped into Heaven...
What was this Heaven like?

Heaven was a blue sky with white fluffy clouds—the fluffy clouds were people but without any human features and were brighter than clouds. I just don't know what word works better than "cloud."

I remember trying to see myself there but there were no mirrors, so I remember that I looked down to see my feet but I had none. All I could see was white and fluffy and I was like the other clouds in this blue sky.

I discovered to get from where I was to any other spot I just thought it and I went there. I could see myself floating through the sky and passing other clouds. Somehow they knew that I was just visiting and I felt like they smiled as I passed.

For some reason I thought about, God, and when I did the place I was in went from blue sky to white-hot white; and there was the whitest cloud of all and the most brilliant. The light was so intense it would have blinded me instantly if I was back in Ohio but here the light was so pleasant that I didn't want to move or go anywhere. I believed this brilliance must be God.

I heard a woman warning me not to let go of her hand. If I did she said I would be lost in a mental limbo neither here nor there. She pleaded that it was time for me to come back. I heard her voice and yet I hung onto Heaven as hard as I could. She insisted I had to return and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I came back and woke up holding hands with this middle-aged, portly, woman from Portland, Oregon.


  1. All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.

  2. What does telekinesis have to do with a near death experience?


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