Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wildflower Garden Club Tree at Garst

The Wildflower Garden Club again was asked to decorate the Christmas tree in the parlor of Garst Museum in Greenville. The year of Annie Oakley is coming to a close and one of the best ways to celebrate her contributions to Darke County is to honor her with beautifully decorated Christmas Trees.

The members of the garden club began planning a few months ago just how they would decorate the tree to represent her life in a classy, dignified and beautiful manner. The parlor of the museum is a formal room and requires a tree to reflect that feeling.

Decorations on the large 10 ft. tree consists of strings of wooden cranberries, picks of cranberries, also picks of red bunches of apples and pears. Earthy colored Christmas balls ( olive green, bronze, muted gold) are hanging among the branches, which blend great with the large gold antique ribbon bow atop the tree, with the same ribbon cascading down the length in 5 areas.

The gals had a great time painting gold tips on real pinecones and hanging their little beauties throughout the branches. The tree then takes on a wild look with real wild turkey feathers and pheasant feathers tucked in here and there.

The boldest effect to the tree and the finishing touch comes with an under lay of an elk pelt and dear hide. Spokesperson for the club, Barb Rhoades says this is our tribute to a lady who was a true outdoors person and master hunter. She conserved what was good in the environment and only took from nature what she and her family needed to live.

The members of Wildflower G.C. along with the other Garden clubs which have trees in Garst invite the public to come and tour the rooms and see how each club has interpreted Annie's life.

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