Saturday, January 29, 2011

Citizens4Change supports the proposed city ordinance on sex offfenders

Citizens4Change believes that the Sex Offender Residency 1500 Ft. ordinance is for the good of our community. Do not let the threat of any lawsuit deter you. If it becomes necessary to go to court, the City of Greenville cannot spend money on a better cause than to protect our community. We appreciate Council members and administration for their diligence and commitment to researching all the facts. Our hope is that Greenville City Council will vote for the future of our city and its residents; not for one citizen who has chosen to import sexual offenders into our city. This is our Community; let’s take care of our own!


  1. The cost of preventing large numbers of sex offenders from being clustered in Greenville is a pittance when compared to the cost of dealing with not only their recidivism and the human toll on their victims, but also their drug addictions and psychiatric problems requiring medication and therapy. According to Graham himself (see Citizen Circle: A mentoring model for rehabilitating ex-felons in Darke County Ohio March 9,2009 pp 132-133 by John Graham), these conditions are perilously neglected. He stated that often psychiatric medication required on a daily basis is not prescribed for as long as six months after their arrival. Fortunately Greenville was spared the cost of law enforcement and prosecution when one of Graham’s sex offenders became recidive and raped a woman in another community and received a thirty year sentence. Once again he conveniently failed to describe the grizzly nature of the rape, pain and harm to the victim. While ignoring the pain of the victim, he is copious in his Christian sympathy for his mentors who lament their failure. Graham makes statements such as “cost to the community” but he never takes the trouble of doing the accounting and, when he does, the books are always skewed in his favor.

  2. The sex offender residency 1500 foot ordinance has been drafted as the ONLY measure immediately available to protect the health and safety of the fine citizens that work, raise their families and pay the very taxes that support the existence of our city government. This community action would not have been necessary had the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (DRC) not chosen, against all of its standards, to dump large numbers of sex offenders with psychosis and drug addictions into our community. Greenville has had a variable number of sex offenders as high as 52 (84 in the county) with virtually no mental health professionals and an overwhelmed drug task force. Sociologists have identified this situation as a recipe for total community disintegration. By contrast Dublin, Ohio (pop. 32,000), a wealthy partially-gated suburb of Columbus, has over 40 psychiatric health care professionals, an abundance of law enforcement funds and only one sex offender. Since the Ohio DRC is fully aware of both the dangers and the inadequacy of our ability to assimilate and manage this type of felon, it is knowingly treading dangerously close to gross criminal negligence. Graham has already had a spectacular failure who became a recidive rapist that received a thirty year sentence. We believe the grieving family of the next victim of one of Graham’s sex offenders will have the support of the entire community and will have little difficulty making the charge of negligence stick against the Ohio DRC; especially based on the wanton disregard of their own official standards.
    In an article in the Daily Advocate, Graham asked that we do God’s work. His request has served as the inspiration for our efforts on behalf of victims (past, present and future) who have done nothing to deserve their endless pain.

  3. Greenville Citizen: You stated the following: Fortunately Greenville was spared the cost of law enforcement and prosecution when one of Graham’s sex offenders became recidive and raped a woman in another community and received a thirty year sentence. Once again he conveniently failed to describe the grizzly nature of the rape, pain and harm to the victim.

    Can you explain this in more depth, when, where etc.

  4. Are these felons really SEX offenders on the registry, or are they felons with convictions for things like robbery and drug violations as well. It is hard to believe that anyone would import fifty of more SEX OFFENDERS into a small community that is professionally unprepared to handle this. The 1500 foot law would do very little for protection that a 1000 feet would not do. An offender wanting to commit a crime will not obey any law, will they. It there are that many offenders in reality, the answer is to remove them to some place that they can have professional help.

  5. The 1500 feet makes a big difference to the people of that neighborhood. If you live more than so many feet of these home you dont get updated sex offender notice's, I get 2 or 3 a week and have for the last 9 years! It blows my mind that there are people in this town that support what Graham is doing! It is wrong on so many levels!

  6. If the offender has completed the prison term, they have paid their debt to society. The next step is to rehabilitate. (The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation needs to change their name because they offer NO rehabilitation.) Has anyone pushing for the change stopped to think that anyone, ANYONE, can get to a school no matter how far away the barrier is placed, even by walking 5 miles. Doesn't that make it more logical to be compassionate and help to change the offender's life rather than treat them like a leper???!! If you really want to protect children in this county and town, clean up the drugs. There are college students, male and female, who are among the most active drug pushers around. If someone is living way above their means, don't you wonder how and where they got their funds?? I firmly believe the chance for children in this town to be lead down the drug abuse path is far greater than their chance of being sexually accosted outside of a school. And "pot" is no longer the big threat; drugs available in Darke County are heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, you name it. Educate yourself before passing judgement. And don't for a minute believe that I don't know what I am talking about, because I do. I was raised in a very dysfunctional family and yes, I was sexually abused. It is called forgiveness......

  7. I guess no one can say for certain that all these people are sex offenders. The facts I can find seem to show just the opposite. I just looked on the map for sex offenders registered and living in Greenville and there are 19 of them ... mostly scattered all over town. Check it out yourself at So much for 56 and 85 estimates. 19 is par for the course, it seems, in most towns of Greeenville's size. Many of the 19 listed are older men whose sexual desire has surely waned as compared to the under 40 age group.

  8. Ken and Chaya, there may be 19 currently in the city (I haven't checked the count recently). I do know that the number of SOs concurrently at GSH have decreased in comparison to what they were last Spring.

    GSH's scope of work does include non sexual offenders, yes, but the vast majority of those who they serve are indeed sexual offenders. Dr. Graham stated publicly that this is true and is due to the fact that SOs have the most difficulty finding a place to live.

    Also, I would hardly dismiss the issue off handedly because their "sexual desire has surely waned..."

  9. Ken & Chaya, as Bluff as described, in May of last year JG had over 30 SO's when he was discovered what he was up to. This is also documented to that point. He has since that time decreased either because of knowing the circumtances of the new law or trying to get people to feel he is the victim.
    Also at this highest peak, he had strictly SO's and all were Tier 2 & Tier 3 offenders.
    People do not realize what he has been doing, and the fact really he could actually have just as many non-so felons as he wants under the new law and still get his money.
    Its a big shell game he has played out in front of us all. Lets count 5 house now under his and/or GHS control. Where does it end?
    And actually his supporters fixed up a house originally for his crusade of felons and now it is his residence.
    The 1500 ft in terms of stopping anything from happening you are right, however stopping him from importing SO's it will.
    The citizens will also not be done with just this residency boundary, stay tuned for more to come.
    The list goes on, please dont be fooled by the his crusade, its very deceiving.

  10. 88 is right on the money! I couldnt have said it any better! I live right in the middle of all these homes! The SO's are also moved from home to home,The homeless shelter is also constantly used for the SO's as well! And Fergie? Most of these men have had second and third chances! After that I dont forgive! Its like a time bomb waiting to explode!


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