Friday, March 25, 2011

Commissioners Corner

 The month of March is finally here, and with that comes the hope of spring. It seems to all of us in the Commissioners office that this has been an “old fashioned winter”. Hopefully by now, things are warming up for all of us. This has been a very busy month in the Commissioners office. The month started with Mike Rhoades and Mike Stegall attending the annual County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) meeting. This meeting was very informative and we are proud to report that all recommendations the speakers made to improve government, we are already doing, and have been doing for some time! One other area that all Darke Countians should be proud of is how lucky we are to have such good people working for the County. We heard some real horror stories out there from other Counties, and it made us feel very fortunate to have the quality of character we have here. Tell your elected officials how much you appreciate their efforts, everybody needs to hear that once in a while, and believe us, it is warranted because of the quality of our people.

We are busy with numerous issues of concern for the County, among them, the airport, new businesses, the budget, and wind energy. The County Commissioners are on the Dayton Development Coalitions (DDC) U.A.V.(unmanned aerial vehicle) Board. This Board is studying the use of UAV’S for commercial as well as military use. We recently met with Mr. Bert Cream who is involved with Wright State and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This could be a potential boon for Darke County, and we are staying on top of the situation. One of our more enjoyable meetings was with Mr. Dave Butts of Continental Carbonics Corporation. Mr. Butts is the Vice President of Business Development, and he informed us of the products and progress of the new dry ice plant located in the Greenville Industrial Park. Mr. Butts informed us they hope to be up and running by June 1st with as many as 75 jobs for the County. He also stated that he was very happy with the help and cooperation they have received here. We will continue to improve our process to make businesses more willing to stay, and to re-locate here. Thanks to Mike Bowers and Marc Saluk for their work on this major project for all of us. We are still working on wind energy in the northern part of the county. Invenergy, the company that approached us with the idea of a wind farm in the County, is keeping us apprised of their progress. As of now they seem to be on schedule for the project. We will keep you informed as we get more information that we can share. By now, the State budget has been released and it is fairly close to what we were expecting. The Commissioners had made plans for deep cuts in our states revenue, and have already adjusted accordingly. We had budgeted for less money from the state so what little monies we will get will be considered a bonus. With the continued help of our Elected Officials and our efforts to live within our means in this economic climate, Darke County will weather the economic storm, and become stronger in the future.

We certainly enjoy hearing from people in the county, and will try to answer all questions accordingly in a timely manner. Our meetings are open to the public, and everyone is invited. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 P.M. in the Commissioners office located at 520 South Broadway, south of the courthouse, in Greenville. Hope to see you there!!

The Darke County Commissioners

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