Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Opening Day!

Today is a day that may as well be a regional holiday! Even though it feels like January, the calendar says Spring, and that, Darke Journalians, means baseball!

Anyone want to be brave enough to leave any bold predictions in the comments below?

How many will the Reds win?
How many saves will Cordero compile before he blows one and fandom demands he be replaced?
Can Jay Bruce have a full season like he ended in 2010?
Can Jonny Gomes have a full season like the way he started 2010?
Will I run out of questions to ask?


  1. Bruce can repeat, but Gomes can't. And Chapman should be the closer right now.

  2. 93 wins, Cordero will post 12 flawless saves, then have a ridiculous blown save, and everyone will cry cry cry.

    Also, Bruce hits .296, Gomes likely looks normal and more like 2nd half Gomes than first.

    Also, at some point we'll see Mesaraco after Hernandez gets hurt, and a revolving door of lead off men.

  3. was at ALL NINE INNINGS of Opening Day!
    Go REDS!

  4. Reds will either win or come in second in the division, the Brewers are going to be a tough team to beat this year, the other division teams should be no factor.
    Gomes will give away a lot of runs with his "defense" like he did yesterday, they have to find someone for left field, Rolen can only be effective for 120 games if that, the pitching will be good and they should hit again this year.


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