Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MedMan Solutions LLC Offers New Service to Elderly and Caregivers

Company Provides Assistance to Patients Confused By Medical Bills

LAURA, OH.; March 23, 2011 – MedMan Solutions L.L.C. brings a new service to residents of the northern Miami Valley by offering medical bill management to patients confused by medical bills and insurance or Medicare payments.

MedMan Solutions, a new business venture established by Susan Jones, a local CPA, acts on behalf of the patient or their estate to ensure that insurance and Medicare payments have been processed correctly and completely. They track medical bills through the life cycle and advise clients when a “Balance Due” bill from a medical provider is ready to be paid. They act as a patient representative to make sure clients receive the full insurance and Medicare benefits to which they are entitled.

Medical bills can be confusing and distressing. Even a simple office visit or lab test creates a flurry of paperwork that can baffle the ordinary person. The patient often has trouble determining if the insurance or Medicare has paid. Recently providers have begun requiring payment in advance for hospital visits, surgeries, and some tests. The patient may not realize that this credit has not been applied to the statement they received in the mail.

MedMan Solutions L.L.C. takes the confusion out of medical bills by monitoring and tracking medical bills, insurance and Medicare payments, advance payments, insurance co-payments and maximum out-of-pocket limits. When everything has been completed, the patient is provided with a “Balance Due” statement to notify them that they should now pay the remainder. At year-end, a convenient statement showing what was paid for out-of-pocket medical expenses is prepared to assist in preparing tax returns.

These services are especially helpful to elderly or incapacitated patients or their caregivers, busy working people, or the estate of deceased family members. A complete range of services and payment methods are offered to meet the individual client’s needs and budget.

“My goal is to provide this desperately needed service to individuals at a reasonable cost,” stated Susan Jones, “so that families who have ongoing medical expenses can be assured their hard-earned funds are not tied up in credit balances on the provider’s books, and that the patient receives all the benefits to which they are entitled.”

For added flexibility, the client can choose between flat-rate monthly fees or hourly billing, and may choose to mail their bills and paperwork to MedMan Solutions or have pickup and delivery service. If the client chooses the “Direct Pay” option, MedMan Solutions will provide a statement of balances due and will remit those amounts directly to the provider upon client’s approval.

MedMan Solutions L.L.C., based in Laura, Ohio, offers a unique perspective on medical billing management. Please call Susan Jones at (937) 884-5715 for more information and a personalized management plan.

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