Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greenville City Schools' Operating Levy Renewal on May Ballot


  1. No new taxes? Oh, that's right, they're coming in November.

  2. Governor Kasich is now urging voters to reject local school levies. That seems clear enough.

  3. Kasich is pushing to not vote for issues that raise taxes. This ones doesn't.

    Further, you simply cannot vote yes/no on this issue based on how you feel about some potential future issue. It makes no sense.

    Look at this one. The rate is staying the same, and the school will be making do with the same amount as they have had. A 'no' vote is to cut the schools at the knees and cripple any chance they have at improving their scores, etc.

  4. It just amazes me to no end how people confuse a school (or fire/police/emt) renewal, and a full out tax levy or bond issue.
    For ANY school system, renewals are a must to keep what they currently have as far as public money coming in to maintain day to day operations.
    C'mon people, don't show your ignorance by not renewing the operating renewal levy. Vote for it-keep it in place, and make your informed, educated decision about anything else concerning the schools in November.

  5. It is hard to vote in support of something when you don't support the leadership of the school.

  6. M..... that really has nothing to do with a renewal of day to day money needed to operate a public school through our taxes.
    I believe that you are one of the people that xxx is talking about.

  7. It has a lot to do with the school's leadership, if they can't spend what they have now efficiently, then maybe, just maybe they will learn how to spend their money efficiently when they have 5.5 mil less to work with...

  8. Based on my quick read of the 2009-2010 financial report from the school, the operating levy represents approximately 30-34% of the total budget.

    This isn't about teaching them a lesson. If you can show me where there is 30-34% waste in their budget, then fine, we'll talk. Until then, don't think you're doing it for the betterment of the community when you remove roughly a third of the school's budget out of spite because you don't like one or more of the administrators.


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