Thursday, April 28, 2011

“Living with Cancer” Support Group will be on Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The Kremer Family; Owners of E.A.T. Food for Life Farm
The next meeting of the “Living with Cancer” Support Group will be held on Thursday, May 5th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The meeting will take place at Wayne HealthCare in the 3rd Floor Conference room. This month’s support group features Dan Kremer, owner of E.A.T. Food for Life organic farm. Mr. Kremer will be speaking about the health benefits of eating local, organic foods.

E.A.T. Food for Life Farm is a 140-acre, certified organic, family farm located in northern Darke county near North Star, Ohio and home for Dan Kremer, his wife, Nancy, and their six children Maria (17), Ben (14), Rita (12), Joseph (8), David (4) and Rose (2). The Kremer family’s mission is to grow and distribute nutritious, safe foods that nourish, protect, and support life for improved health and energy. They also offer a live blood analysis service using Darkfield Microscopy to help people understand the causes of their health imbalances and/or lack of energy based on "less than ideal" food choices. The products and services are designed to help people discover and experience the connection between quality of food and quality of life. E.A.T. Food for Life farmstore is an abundant resource for organic, pastured meat, raw dairy, bread, eggs, honey and fermented vegetables. Check out heir website at

Your local and independent Cancer Association of Darke County sponsors the “Living with Cancer” group in cooperation with Wayne HealthCare. The Support Group is open to anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer; the family and friends of an individual with cancer are encouraged to attend the group as well. Facilitating the support group meetings will be Warren Richards from the Cancer Association, Kay Kirby, Jill Brown, and Vicky Henderson from Wayne Hospital, and Pam Spitler from Breast Cancer Awareness of Darke County.

For further information, contact the Cancer Association of Darke County office at
937-548-9960. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 A.M. to Noon and 1:00 to 4:30 P.M.

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