Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beware: Phone Phishing Scam Seems to Be Back

Just a little reminder, the phone phishing scam that came through the area seems to be back in action.

So far today, we have received phone calls to two cell phones and our home phone. The call comes from an out of the area number and has a recorded message claiming to be from Greenville Federal, and asks to verify account information. This is a scam.

Do NOT provide any information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or Social Security Numbers or any other personal identifying information. Simply hang up the phone.


  1. I got one of these calls today, the number it came from was (317) 215-5328, it was a computer generated voice claiming my account was on hold with Greenville Federal.

  2. I got one last night on my cell phone. The number came across as 815-703-0000 (Rockford, IL). It is pretty easy not to call for it when I've never done business with that bank.


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