Monday, May 16, 2011

Discussion: Median Age of Darke County Residents Rises 3.4 Years

According to this Dayton Daily News article, the median age of Darke County Residents has risen 3.4 years since 2010 (per the most recent census data).

What do you think of this? Surely the lack of jobs to keep younger members of the community here, or attract young families is part of it. Or maybe we've somehow attracted more senior folks to our community?

Leave your thoughts in a comment below.


  1. It's the same old story, i think, youth moves away, while older, established households stick around. Without ways to attract youth, this trend is likely to continue.

  2. I think our young couples need to keep having babies so we can get our average down. Maybe us old codgers should die off younger too.

  3. We need jobs!!! As we continue loosing jobs, there surely becomes less of a reason to stay or move into the area… it will probably continue to get worse as fuel prices continue to climb, because those who do stay in the area and drive to Troy, Sidney, and Dayton to their jobs, will hive to move closer to their work to cut their fuel costs.


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