Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dave Harter has been a driver for Greenville Transit System (GTS) since 1993. During this time, Dave has proven to be one of most recognizable and safest drivers employed. Since being employed with MV Transportation for the past year and half , the drivers for Greenville Transit are eligible for the Katie McClary Professional Operator of the Division during each Quarter.

Katie McClary was a young adult who was struck and killed in an intersection by a bus in North Carolina. Since that incident, MV Transportation has gone to great lengths to ensure that SAFETY and Safety Training is completed on a monthly basis and meets the high standards that MV requires. Keeping Katie McClary’s name in the forefront of this remains a commitment that MV stands by and recognizes.

This first quarter of 2011, Dave was nominated based on a Point System based on safety record, driving record, complaints, community service, and Drive Cam events. Dave has a CDL with passenger endorsement and is one of a few drivers who are lucky enough to drive for many of the “field trips” that the City contracts with. These trips include taking kids to farms and harvest day events, driving older adults from the nursing homes around in the city and county to look at the sites, along with the everyday driving that he does through the week as a full time driver. Dave’s commitment to getting our passengers to their destinations “safely” is a standard that Greenville Transit System and MV Transportation take seriously. If you see Dave, congratulate him on his award.

Greenville Transit System is a publicly operated and municipally owned transportation service for the City of Greenville. It is funded in part by ODOT, FTA, the City of Greenville and fares that are collected from passengers who ride the buses. For information on how GTS can provide you or a loved one transportation to and from appointments, call 937-547-1811 or 937-548-0437.

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