Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos of Birds Submitted by Mary

Mary McEldowney submitted the following photos and text. Thanks, Mary!

We had the rose breasted grosbeak in our back yard last week along with the northern oriole. It seems as though they both arrived here during their migration. They both migrate to south of the United States during the winter months and then back to the US. We have never seen either of them before at our feeders. The thing we did differently this year was we sliced oranges and put them out. The northern oriole loved them. We had as many as 3 pair of the orioles all at once. They were here last Thurs. May 05th thru the Sun. May 8th. We haven't seen them since. I think that this was just a stop off point in their migration. Possibly the weather sent them this direction from what I've read about what can drive their path. What seems intriguing is a question of did both the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and the Northern Oriole have migrated here together. Either way we did enjoy their visit.


  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. We have put sliced oranges on a dowel rod stuck in a hole in a fence post (we do several) and they almost always attract Baltimore Orioles. We had Rose-breasted Grosbeaks but only the females this year and now they are gone on their way. We had too much rain this spring. It was hard for the birds to stop off anywhere.


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