Thursday, June 9, 2011

Darke County Chamber Urges Legislators to Pass Jobs Budget

DARKE COUNTY, OHIO – The Darke County Chamber of Commerce participated in the Jobs Budget Advocacy Day at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on June 7, 2010. As part of Ohio’s Campaign for Jobs, businesses, community groups and chambers of commerce from across the state converged on the Statehouse to urge legislators to pass the state budget bill with its original government reforms intact.

“The Jobs Budget closes an $8 billion hole in state finances without raising taxes. It includes significant changes to the way government operates at the state and local levels, to give taxpayers better value for their tax dollar. And it makes creating jobs in Ohio priority number one. For all these reasons, it’s important for the General Assembly to pass the budget with the reform provisions that were originally proposed,” chamber president Sharon Deschambeau, said.

Deschambeau met with Senators Bill Beagle and Keith Faber to encourage support for the reform agenda in the budget bill. Areas in which the Jobs Budget is designed to produce significant savings include Medicaid spending, the prison system, education, and local government operations.

Ohio’s Campaign for Jobs is a grassroots coalition of Ohio citizens, business organizations, community groups and chambers of commerce funded by the Partnership for Ohio’s Future, a not-for-profit organization formed in 2006 to help educate the public about policies that lead to more jobs, greater opportunities and a higher quality of life for Ohio citizens. The Campaign is supported by Ohioans who agree that the Jobs Budget provides a responsible, timely plan for spending, modernizing operations and supporting jobs development.

The reforms proposed in the Ohio Jobs Budget will:

* rein in unsustainable, rising government costs;
* eliminate the deficit without taking the traditional tax and spend approach to budgeting - in fact it does so without increasing taxes and fully restores the final phase of the state income tax cut;
* reform K-12 education by putting children first, rewarding good teachers based on student achievement and empowering parents with more choices to send children to better performing schools;
* allow for college students earn degrees in three years, and foster coordination with high schools to better prepare them for higher education;
* provide incentives to local governments to apply common sense ideas to share services, pool purchasing, save on construction costs and try other cost-saving measures; and
* bring Medicaid costs under control, improve health outcomes, allow more choices for seniors to live where they want, coordinate medical care, reduce nursing home costs, offer reimbursements based on results rather than the number of medical procedures.

More than 50 businesses, organizations and individuals have joined Ohio’s Campaign for Jobs including:

ABC of Ohio
Barnes Construction Company, Inc.
Boreman-Cook Financial Services
Braund Funeral Home
C3 Church
CAW Lighting Solutions
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Columbus Partnership
Darke County Chamber of Commerce
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Fortkamp Foam
Greater Cleveland Partnership
Greater Ohio
North Coast Strategy Group
Ohio Building Restoration, Inc.
Ohio Business Roundtable
Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Ohio Grocers Association
Ohio Society of CPAs
Roppe Holding Company
Spec-Weld Technologies, Inc.
SSOE Group
Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
Voss Industries, Inc.
Woodville Surplus

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