Friday, June 10, 2011

Greenville Elks #1139 Soccer Shoot Results

On May 14, the Greenville Elks #1139 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks held their annual Soccer shoot at North Park in Greenville. The Soccer Shoot is an annual event that the Elks sponsor to promote sportsmanship, shooting accuracy and friendly competition in the game of soccer. This competition challenges the youth to focus and refine their shooting skills to move on to the next level. The younger 2 divisions have 3 levels: local, and district state whereas the older divisions have the same divisions but this year add a fourth – regional (after state). Each competitor comes out and receives 15 shots on the goals. In the younger division, goals are setup that range from 48” (worth 1 point) to 17” (worth 5 points). The older group shoots at a regulation size goal broken down into a 3x3 grid with higher point values at the top of the grid and lower point values on the lower side of the grid.

This year was another record breaking year for the competition as we had 105 competitors compared to 88 last year. The competition was very, very close this year, in some cases ending up in many ties or only 1 point separating positions. The Elks would like to thank all of the competitors that participated in the event this year. It was a pleasure to watch them compete and enjoy the morning with us.

On June 2, the Elks sponsored a free awards banquet dinner providing a spaghetti dinner to all of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners along with their immediate family. We had several tie breakers performed that evening to settle some 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Each of these competitors kept us on our feet to the very end. Also at the event, we recognized Brayden Skinner for his amazing accomplishments last year, not only winning the state competition, but winning the award for best boys combined score (district and state). An enjoyable evening was had by all. The district competition will be held on June 26 at which point we hope to send many if not all of our competitors to the state competition held in Coshocton, OH on July 30.

The winners of the local competition are:
(Click "Continue Reading" to see the photos of all of the contestants):

Under 8 (7 & under)

Girls: 1. Mcayla Bush 2. Riley Ignaffo 3. Carrie Rhoades 4.Mackenzie Baker 5. Karis Wright 5. Natalie Beck 7. Hallie Bush 7. Abby Sandlin 9. Carmen Badell 10. Taylor Gray 11. Makynzie Donthnier 12. Ariya Wickham 13. Merideth Butsch
Boys: 1. Jaden Johnson 2. Karson Wright 3. Eli Flannery 4. Cole Blumenstock 5. Blake Addis 6. Ezekiel Wright 7. Damien Gates 8. Noah Stevens 9. Lukas Francis 10. Veyash Moodley 11. Ethan Ignaffo 12. Luke F. Rammel 13. Ashton Combs 14. Ian McConachie 15. Garrett Brown 16. Avery Ernst 17. Justin Hadden

Under 10 (8 & 9 year olds)

Girls: 1. Brooke Stachler 2. Brianna Smedley 3. McKenna Obringer 4. Isabelle Rammel 5. Hannah Limbert 6. Grace Self 7. Elise Hays 8. Megan Walker 8. Rachel Wright 8. Phoebe Bright 11. Kirsten Strait 12. Ashley Murphy
Boys: 1. Levi Walker 2. Christopher Hadden 3. Kendall Wright 4. Ethan Martin 5. Eric Price 6. Justin Chen 6. Ethan Flannery 8. Ethan Watkins 8. Kale Conway 10. Bradley Wynn 10. Zane Mancillas 12. Andrew Stachler 12. Jacob Maher 14. Carlos Badell 14. Brayden Skinner 14. Dylan Bingham 17. Jordan Warner 17. Michael Cline 19. Jarin Young 19. Kole Francis 19. Joseph Beck 22. Khale Donthnier 23. Gabriel Stevens 24. Eriq Cline

Under 12 (10 & 11 year olds)

Girls: 1. Katelyn Avore 2. Maddy Baker 3. Maddie Sheppard 4. Claire Haviza 5. Laura Fields 6. Lisa Capasso 7. Gabriella DeVoss
Boys: 1. Andrew Strait 2. Tani Mancillas 3. Ethan Coppess 4. Jonathan Chen 5. Zachary Miller 6. Jack Garland 7. Addison Ernst 8. Aaron Buchy 8. Noah Troutwine 8. Pablo Badell 11. James Fields 12. Sam Rhoades 12. Carter Gray 14. Garret Bright 14. Dylan Snyder 14. John Butsch 17. Danny Suter 18. Joshua Eloff

Under 14 (12 & 13 year olds)

Girls: 1. Kayla Arnold 2. Hannah Bingham 3. Meghan Bright 4. Sarah Rhoades 5. Savannah Butsch
Boys: 1. Dylan Avore 2. Cody Coppess 3. Austin Violet 4. Justin Brown 4. Seth Conway 4. Jordan Ernst 7. Logan Gonzalez 8. Landin Brown 9. Jake Buchy

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