Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Multi-department press release on "bath salts"

There has been much discussion recently regarding the abuse of "bath salts." While recent events have received a lot of media coverage, local law enforcement and the juvenile court were already well aware of the sudden use of this drug in Darke County.

Make no mistake, “bath salts” are a powerful and dangerous drug. The chemical compound is similar to methamphetamine, and people who abuse this drug often have hallucinations, psychotic episodes, and suicidal thoughts. Other potential health risks include kidney failure, organ damage, heart attack, and stroke. There have been many deaths reported nationwide. There are many more cases involving abusers who commit criminal acts while in a drug-induced psychotic state.

“Bath salts” are not yet a controlled substance. Legislation is currently pending which would make the sale and use of “bath salts” illegal in Ohio. But right now, “bath salts” can be bought over-the-counter. The name “bath salts” is itself deceiving because it shares its name with the harmless product some people use in their baths. The synthetic drug and the bath product are two different substances altogether. The marketers of this drug use innocent sounding brand names and sometimes promote the substance as a “safe designer drug.” Nothing could be further from the truth, and the marketing itself (targeted at younger people) is part of the danger.

The proposed legislation may be a step in the right direction, but it does not address the immediate danger posed to our community. Everyone needs to understand that a single use of “bath salts” can result in legal problems, permanent serious health problems, and possibly even death. Parents are encouraged to immediately discuss this issue with their children - and especially their teenagers. Make sure your children know the dangers. We need to educate the public as much as possible to avoid having more people hurt by this dangerous drug.

Toby Spencer, Darke County Sheriff, Detective Eric Roberts, Greenville Police Department, Jason Aslinger, Darke County Juvenile Court Judge


  1. I want to personally thank Toby Spencer, Eric Roberts and Jason Aslinger for taking the time to write this informative article.
    The drug "bath salt" is very dangerous and the last thing this community would want is a child or an adult to be seriously injury or dead from the use of this drug. Taking the time to educate children is a huge step towards prevention.

  2. June 21 - Why is Greenville waiting on proposed legislation? Bath salts are clearly an immediate danger not only to those who use it, but to everyone. It was announced on the news tonight that NEW BREMEN HAS MADE IT ILLEGAL to possess, use, or sell "bath salts" !! ALL cities need to take action NOW. DON'T allow these dangerous & deadly drugs to continue being sold in our community. Manufacturers & retailers only see their huge profits,& could care less who gets hurt.

  3. I will never understand why the state government can't outlaw theses type of things and make it effective immediately. Do it today. Our governor could sign it today, and it would be off the shelves by this evening.


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