Friday, June 24, 2011

Open Positions At GTI

Provisional Associate Opportunities: $10.50 – $12.00 per hour

  • Temporary job opportunity for up to 3 years, possibly leading to fulltime employment.
  • Start $10.50/hr., 6 mth. increase to $12.00/hr.
  • Benefits package includes holidays, vacation, bonus, uniforms, health insurance, disability & life insurance.
  • Openings on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts.
  • Positions in paint, injection, assembly and shipping.

Send Resume to: GTI Human Resources Dept., 0611-4, PO Box 974, Greenville, Ohio 45331. Deadline: July 6, 2011, We are an equal opportunity employer. Drug testing required.


  1. it would be nice for the people that are already there to work the full 40 hours before bringing anyone else in. dont you think???

  2. Maybe some of those people don't want to work the full 40 a week, and if you're talking about yourself - talk to your boss about increasing your hours.
    Never blast a company that is willing to hire more people this day in age, no matter what their reasoning!

  3. The listing is because they will be ramping back up to capacity where they were at, before the earthquake/tsunami over in Japan.

  4. i agree with you @ 4:19 to an extent. if they have people that dont 'want' to work the full 40 hours (if available) then really they shouldnt be there. give the jobs to people who actually want/need to work. i understand a part of it is they make more on unemployment rather than work so they may take the volunteer time off option. im not talking about them. but i would really question their work ethics what with the economy is in 'this day & age'. how it would look to the company. i do not work there but know a few people that do. i was just saying that if i worked there & couldnt get the 40 hours (& i wanted the full 40) & theyre hiring for more people(after being down-sized in hours &/or days)?? i would be having a problem with that. that is my opinion. and @ 4:21, i had figured since they put an ad in that that was what was happening. the problem i would have had is if it had been for some other reasoning. again, my opinion & my opinion only.

  5. I've been through this in my last job, they cut hours on the full-time high wage earners, then bring in these low wage temps while still keeping the hours cut. It seems to be a common practice these days.


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