Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Press Release from City of Greenville on Budget Reductions

Due to current economic conditions and recent reductions in funding from the State of Ohio, the City of Greenville has regrettably been forced to make further budget reductions which include permanent layoffs to city personnel. In a preemptive move, the city had previously laid-off employees, reduced existing staffing by attrition, as well as implemented a hiring freeze, thus reducing staffing levels throughout the city. Unfortunately, due to an anticipated reduction in local government funding and the accelerated reduction Tangible Personal Property Reimbursement, These previously implemented cost-saving measures have proven to be inadequate. As a result, further cost-saving measures have been necessitated in order to balance the budget for 2012, without imposing a direct financial burden upon the residents of the City of Greenville.

Staff and funding reductions currently being recommended will include both safety (Police and Fire) along with service departments including Street, Parks and Recreation, Transit, Engineering and City Administration support staff. Reductions in the hours of operation of the Greenville City Building are also anticipated. The City of Greenville remains committed to providing essential service to citizens in an efficient and cost productive manner.


  1. This press release sounds like this recommendation is a final deal. I contacted a few city council members today after I read this release and I was told that nothing has been finalized and this is the first round of talks. I also ask about the combining of the fire departments and the 911 services. I was told that administration does not want to have the combination. My question is why? I went back and reviewed council minutes from a few years back when the city had an outside company come in and evaluate services. I was told that a few of the recommendations to the city then was one, combine fire departments, two, combine 911 systems, and three to evaluate parks and recreation and the city engineering department. After further reading, nothing was taken from that evaluation. Us as tax payers, paid thousands of dollars for this company to evaluate our services and our administration and council did nothing with it? It seems that Ego's and power and control have gotten in the way of what is best for this city. Greenville's drug and crime rate is on the increase and this is not the time to cut our police force. Last year, the police department had the highest amount of overtime paid in all city departments, why is that - they had a job to do, becuase our city needs protection and those services. WHY cut now - take the Need over the Want! The park department is another area that could save money. The park board was voted in by the citizens in the early 20's to oversee the operations of the parks. The citizens can vote to have thge park board dis-band, and put the park maintenance employees under the street department and city structure. This alone could save over seventy five thousand dollars. Recreation is a want and not a need. The recreation portion should be cut out when you need those dollars for the NEED of the city. Sure will some people lose thier jobs - yes, however, again the Need out weighs the WANT. Its time for Greenville leaders to LEAD!

  2. 8:04
    This couldnt have been said any better in my book. Its pretty simple budgeting that many of of our citizens have to do when we dont have the money, we cut out all the extras. The problem in this city is that it is ran by a select few in administration and everyone else just follows. When will city council realize that they work for us and we are the ones footing the tab. Our say is common sense. You have to rock the boat and get to the real numbers as you state above. We should all watch what city council does from this point on and if they do not make the cuts that really need to take place then we will be voting them out and be held accountable. Get rid of the park super and rec director before we get rid of police.


  3. If the park maintenance employees and the street department would combine perhaps, there would be extra money for the up keep of the city park. There are dangerous trees in the city park. A safetly hazard for all who use the park. The Greenville City Park draws people from different communities into Greenville. It would be a shame if an old decaying branch falls of a person. Then there would be a law suite.$$$$$

  4. The idea of consolidating dispatch centers is definitely something the city and our city council should look at. It has occurred in numerous other counties and works well. It would not only save money on salaries but also save money on equipment.

  5. Check the reason for the police OT, I would bet the majority of it is to fill an unneeded manpower requirement(so many per shift). It was to cover absences on the shifts such as vacations, sick leave and injury leave. So in essence we pay one cop/fireman to be sick and another time and a half to fill his place.

    Combining 911 services sounds great in theory but when you turn the cities dispatching over to the county you are at their mercy. they can charge what they want(and will) and your stuck with it. Greenville Dispatchers Know their officers and the city. Wouldn't want another "Palestine debacle".
    The whole reason the county wanted the city to combine before was to force a 911 phone tax on the whole county, it was NOT about better service, just more tax revenue

  6. The city park maintenance and beutification started going down once the north park project started. That was the biggest drainage of finance and personnel to hit. It pulled workers away from the city park.
    The soccer field out at the fair grounds is run by the DCSA and it is, or was, run by volunteers.
    The park and pool maintenance can be handled by Joe and there is no need for a paid recreation director. There are a lot of little league and girls softball activities that are run by volunteers.
    The park on forth street should be closed and sold. The walking and bicycling trail goes right beside it.

  7. Bob,
    I have to correct on one thing, the north park was created using a majority of grant monies, check the facts. That park has not put any over abundance of drain on any budget.

  8. "There are dangerous trees in the city park. A safetly hazard for all who use the park" Really?!?! Where? Have you brought the specific trees to the attention of the Park director? Maybe the city should cut them all down and sell the lumber. That would fix the budget!

  9. A combined dispatch would be a money saver, but no way would I allow the county to run it, Their dispatch is terrible compared to the city.

  10. I do not believe that it was the City Council that made the decision to lay off police and fire. It was the Mayor, City Safety Director and City Auditor (the Mayor and City Auditor are elected officials). I believe all three are oblivious to what the GPD/GFD actually do. Overtime pay is a necessary evil for which the Sheriff Dept. understands however our city leaders have missed the boat on that issue. This is NOT the time to make cutbacks to the GPD! The Police Chief has done an excellent job with keeping the city safe and keeping the spending low. I agree that a combined dispatch may save money, but why not let the City run it and make revenue? The rec department is a wonderful thing to have but unfortunately this is not something that we can afford right now. Just remember, when your house gets broken into, and someone in your neighborhood is cooking meth.... who is responsible for the lack of Police protection!!

  11. No dangerous trees in the city park what about the huge branch that fell across a pathway just this week. There are 6 dead and/or decaying trees just along the pathway before the swinging bridge on Memorial Dr. side. Not only are there dangerous trees to worry about but there are trees that need to be trim. In addition there is a cross county event held in the city park which draws a huge crowd. Safety should be priority.

  12. An anonymous thought is the same a a thought from an anonymous person. Doesn't anyone have a name anymore? At any rate, if the dispatch centers were combined, the sheriff would have to charge Greenville because of call load and an increase in dispatchers. If that happens then to be fair, he would have to charge all villages, which isn't happening now.
    It probably makes sense to combine. The center at GPD could be mothballed in case the other center failed.
    The only real way it would work is to get it out from under the sheriff's budget and create a dispatch center with a director and a board to run it. Miami did it 30 years ago. Montgomery is combining now. It just makes sense.
    As for the layoffs, the mayor and the safety director are making those suggestions. City council has to approve it. That's the way it works. They don't have to approve it. In the case of safety and service forces, all are represented by a bargaining agent (union) and that body has to be contacted also. You will probably see some concessions by the bargaining units which will save money and may save some jobs. Both police and fire need all the people they have. As for overtime, the city could probably not replace people who are sick or on vacation and just let one or two people be on duty. Then we would be on here complaining what a bunch of idiots the administration is for allowing it to happen. Find out how government works and what constraints they are working under.


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