Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Greenville Couple Plead No Contest to Charges Involving Child Nudity

According to this story from, a couple who recently moved to Greenville from Troy have entered pleas on No Contest to charges illegal use of minors in nudity oriented materials in Miami County Common Pleas Court.

Dustin Boggs was immediately sentenced by Judge Robert Lindeman to four years in prison.

Amanda Boggs will be sentenced on July 25 following a pre-sentence investigation ordered by the judge.


  1. More scum bags thinking Greenville is the 'land of opportunity' Really has become quite pathetic!

  2. I continue to say that more citizens need to step up and make your voices known to our city leaders. The ordiance was passed back in february and where has it got us - NO WHERE! There are more offenders now then there were in February! Speak up Greenville... make the leaders of this community accountable for the decisions they make! Why do you think they left Troy - becuase the City of Troy is tough on their ordiances and make the city accountable to the citizens. We should follow that lead!

  3. 12 sex offenders live betwwen the Greenville City Park and the East School. Would this information give families the encouragement or motivation to move to Greenville? No, but it would give sex offenders and criminals motivation to move to Greenville.
    Troy is very tough on all city ordiances not just the ordiance for sex offenders.


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