Sunday, June 26, 2011 Video of Arcanum's Old Buildings Demolition

Click below for Steve Baker's report for WHIOtv on the demolition of the old Arcanum-Butler High School, including some local reaction. It seems as though the demolition is sad and the new building is, in fact, pretty cool. 


  1. Great story. I bet the new business is just pouring into Arcanum now that they have a new school.

  2. Oh c'mon 12:38..... do your homework, that's NOT why Arcanum (or any other district in Darke County) got a new school building. Sometimes sarcasm makes one look a bit foolish.

  3. The new business comment has to be one of the most ignorant and short sighted of any I have seen on this site? What the He** is wrong with half the population of Darke County? It's backward, negative thinking like this which has cost the area its jobs. If you want change and progress, you have to stop thinking like a caveman!!

  4. The original commenter should know you are only allowed to mention new business coming after a new school if you support the school. To 10:45, please take walk. You are wound up pretty tightly over this. The weather is great, get out enjoy life. Why allow one comment to get you this upset? The poster has the right to make such comments. Why do you feel the need to be insulting? Thanks.

  5. The point was argued before the new school was built that building it would bring new businesses in, so he is completely right to make his comment.

  6. Hey Anon. 10:45;
    It is not "backward thinking" but consistent with the leaders we elect to the Ohio legislature. We elect people who say they will make no new taxes or progress. The original comment is very consistent and honest and representative of the views of majority.

  7. Caveman thinking=majority hence no jobs or progress.

  8. Mr. Anonymous of June 26 is right. In my community & also in Greenville where I work, new school=attracting jobs. I've heard that argument many, many times.

    Tri Village & Bradford did need new schools, but I fail to see how it improved their economic situations.

    Finally, it seems that the OSFC is skewed towards tearing everything down & building new as opposed to preserving & upgrading the existing buildings. Many voters have a problem with that.

    Just my two cents worth.

  9. No one thought a new school automatically = new businesses moving in. At least not realistically or logically.

    An updated and current school system is part of an overall equation that prospective businesses look for. If you're school system is top notch, but you have a small population with few specialized skills, and a lack of strogn community support and programs, you're still not going to attract anyone.

    To suggest that just because new businesses have not flooded the villages does not prove anything one way or the other regarding a school system's impact on attracting new businesses.

    1. It is not about the school building -- it is about what happens in one.


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