Monday, July 11, 2011

Boehner District Chief to speak to Republican Men’s Club

Ryan Day, U.S. Congressman John Boehner’s District Chief of Staff, will be speaking to members and guests at the Darke County Republican Men’s Club on Saturday.

Republicans, under Boehner’s leadership, have insisted that cuts have to be made in the budget, with no new taxes, if the debt limit is to be increased. Democrats, under Pres. Barack Obama’s leadership, have insisted that entitlements not be impacted and a tax increase on the wealthy will still be needed. This has led to a stalemate as the deadline for a possible federal government default approaches in August.

Day will address those issues and more from the perspective of House Speaker Boehner and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Darke County Republican Men’s Club meets the third Saturday of every month at 8 a.m. in the Brethren Home Retirement Community’s Staff Dining Room. A buffet breakfast is included for $6.

The club is currently on a membership drive and welcomes new members interested in the Darke County community and promoting Republican leadership. Meetings are open to the public.


  1. Boehner is a corporate sell-out, and most of Darke Co. keeps voting for him; hoping for change as usual. Boehner will cave-in to whatever the lobbyists tell/pay him to do. Keep up the great job Darke Co. voters!!

  2. I think Mr. Boehner needs a fortification of backbone on the debt issue. And I don't believe that there is anything that can strengthen it more than to hear from as many of his constituents as possible on the issue.

    Will you call his office today at (202) 225-6205 and let him know how he can best represent you on this issue? Or will you be one of the ones siting on the sidelines waiting for him to self-destruct as he trades convictions for compromise?

  3. If you are interested in learning more about the debt situation I invite you to invest 10 minutes with this common sense video from my former Congressman Rep. Mick Mulvaney at

  4. Boehner and others are more interested is working toward the demise of the President than in working toward the betterment of the nation. This point cannot be denied.

  5. Some might argue that the demise of the president and the betterment of the country are the same thing.

  6. Just as "some" would have made the same argument about every other President since Washington. This is why we're in the shape that we are in with no expectation of improvement.

  7. We are in the shape we are in due to both parties over the years. Like it or not, if things are going to get better, everyone and everything must be done. That includes cutting spending and increasing taxes. If you were going broke at home, would you insist that your kids only eat one meal per day but when someone suggests you getting a second job you say "No way"? Get real folks. Black and white are great colors but you have to be in the grey zone to fix things now. You cannot be serious about fixing our problems when you won't discuss all the alternatives. There is no such things as a free lunch. Get it fixed and then figure out how to avoid it in the future.


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