Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doings at the Gathering

The Gathering at Garst is underway this weekend with outstanding exhibitors. Wonderful skilled historical craftspeople are demonstrating and selling their products for the unique enjoyment of visitors to the Gathering.

Hank Steinmetz is a blacksmith who forms iron into beautiful objects using a mobile forge. Visitors can see how a traveling craftsman would live as he and his family moved about the frontier selling their wares.

Daniel Hrinko, box maker, came to the Gathering from Springfield, Ohio. Daniel crafts perfect wooden boxes that visitors will marvel at.

While you enjoy the exhibits at the Gathering, linger a bit longer and enjoy a summer time meal. There are several barbecue vendors offering full meals to just sandwiches.

The Gathering at Garst hours are Saturday, July 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, July 31 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Public admission to the Gathering is free. Regular admission prices apply to tour the Garst Museum. The Gathering is supported by a grant from the Darke County Visitors Bureau at and the following sponsors. Spencer Landscaping, Inc., Advanced Eyecare, Wayne HealthCare, The Andersons, Inc., Second National Bank, Whirlpool Corporation – KitchenAid Division, Greenville Stor-N-Lock, Greenville National Bank, Wayne & Sharon Deschambeau, Dick & Debby Sodders, elementsLife, Eatery Food, Ivy League Florist, and the Knights of Columbus.


  1. Please continue to praise the gathering while hardly mentioning the Annie Oakley Festival, so sad to see a wonderful tradition being treated poorly so that the ritzy Garst can have their way. I visit Garst on a regular basis as well as support many actvities in the county, I will be thinking twice before participating in the future and will not be at the Garst Museum again EVER! Sorry Greenville, you are not Palm Springs, quit acting like you are something and start fixing some problems around here!

  2. How is continuing to support the junk fleamarket known as Annie Oakley Days going to fix any of the problems around here? Get over yourself. I went to The gathering and thought it was great. Sorry, I guess your flea market didn't do much business this weekend.

  3. Anonymous 3:28 p.m., I don't understand your post. On Darke Journal there are pics of the AO parade, an article about the melodrama. What more do you want? Do you want DJ to censor the bad comments about Annie Oakley days?

    At least Darke Journal mentions BOTH festivals. As I perused the another website, it appeared as if they are pretending the gathering at the Garst didn't happen.

    The Annie Oakley festival exists today because of the Garst Museum & their supporters preserving the rich history surrounding Annie Oakley. The museum is a gem to be preserved!

    Today in Greenville I saw people at the Gathering, crowded restaurants, people downtown on a Sunday visiting the sidewalk sales, & I passed a tour bus on my way out of town. There are a lot of good things happening in this community! Yes, we have problems, too, but that just means we ALL need to get involved to try to change things for the better.

  4. if your not into flea markets then the garst is where you should be at! there was no one selling any kind of market type stuff.gathering at the garst is about showing off the richy type businesses in the county.
    on the other hand the fair grounds was great with different activities and lots of good old flea market items to choose from.

  5. ritzy Garst? If the Garst was ritzy what was at the fair grounds. Thanks for laugh

  6. @3:28 PM:

    Why write about these two festivals as if they're in competition with one another? This is a small town, and there is plenty of time for any visitor or resident to make time in the weekend to enjoy both events. I think many people did just that, and that's a great thing for this city. I believe that there was even some parking pass reciprocity between AO Days and The Gathering (though I'm not certain).

    I'd like to think that there's room for both the elegant and the quotidian in this little town. However, I have a feeling that those in charge of AO days may take exception at what you've insinuated about their work. If The Gathering is too fancy, what are you saying about Annie Oakley Days? That it's low-brow and seedy? And if I live in Greenville and enjoy classing it up once in a while, does that mean that I'm not a "Real Greenvillian?"

    However, I assure that had you attended the festival, you would have found a little bit for everyone. Hell, I'd say that the Gathering folks may have just offered up a little slice of Americana for the rest of us, and I for one could use a break from the constant bickering and vitriol to remember what can be so great about community and coming together (it's easy to forget that lesson when we decide we're going to act as political animals before we act like brothers and sisters).

    I'm not sure what you think our problems are around here, but from where I sit, it seems like a big problem is that people are all too ready to wield an attitude of divisiveness in situations where listening and understanding are required.

    One might even point to your comment as an example of just such an attitude.

  7. I attended the Gathering and was elated about the variety of vendors and how passionate and educational the exhibitors were. Many traveled from out of the county and state to exhibit in our town's new event and said such positive words about the park, downtown, townfolk, and festival. Remarks and discussions about what a lovely community Greenville is makes me proud of where I live and proud of the group of folks who organized and worked so hard for this event. I do believe that this is taking a huge step in the right direction! Pat yourselves on the backs Garst Museum, Gathering organizers and supportive ALL deserve a round of applause!!!!

  8. Maybe move the Garst event to the fall season? There are a lot of festivals and then the Fair all crammed in a short period of time. What is wrong with having a late Sept-early Oct event?

    The Darke Co. Visitor's Bureau did try to promote AO half heartedly, posting the AO event under the Gathering at the Garst FB site. Really sad. There was an air of competition that kind of blind-sided the AO committee. Matter-of-fact, a rep from the Garst group called a member of the AO group today, offering to "work with them" for next year's event. Why didn't this happen before this year's festival?

    There used to be business owners who volunteered to serve on the AO committee but for some reason, decided the effort wasn't worth it anymore.

    I enjoyed both events and think anything to promote Greenville in a positive light is always good.

  9. the Broadway click got their event and the limited amount of visitors who think like them.
    Anyone who thinks there were alot of visitors to either festival this weekend is wrong. Both festivals were epic failures.

  10. I feel that both events are wonderful for our county, I can also see how the Annie Oakley people could feel a bit of competition as they have always had their festival this particular weekend. I think the Annie Oakley committee need to step back and evaluate the situation, this year was terrible and I wish I had my money back. There were not many vendors and less to do. Last year there were all kinds of fun acticities, animals, children's events. The jumpys were a nice addition this year. I wish I knew the answer. I can even remember years ago when there were horse shows and more. I do feel that the garst gathering acted as competition and heard a couple of promoters there making fun of Annie Oakley Days, but if no one does anything to help the festival maybe garst can have that weekend outright!

  11. This past weekend I featured my artwork at the Gathering at Garst in Greenville Ohio. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed getting to know my community. The landscape at the Garst museum, under all those tall trees, was the perfect setting for the skilled trades on display. Many volunteers who are great friends put in tireless hours to make this event happen. You guys made Greenville shine that day. The vendors I spoken to are already excited about next year! Mission accomplished!!

    The majority of the community is in favor of this event. Three cheers to all who participated and worked extremely hard.

  12. It is a shame that the 2 committees can’t work together as 1. It seems our little community has enough division within it without adding more, after all the whole idea is to promote our community and for local business to benefit from the influx of visitors to Greenville.


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