Monday, July 25, 2011


COLUMBUS – Gov. John R. Kasich will convene the 2011 Board of Apportioning Persons on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. in the Senate Finance Hearing Room in the Ohio Statehouse.

Kasich, Secretary of State Jon Husted, Auditor of State Dave Yost and two yet-to-be-named legislative members (one Republican and one Democrat) will comprise the board. The purpose of the meeting is to elect a chairman, vice chairman and secretary of the board. They will adopt rules and procedures for the submission and comment of apportionment plans and for the notice and format of the regional hearings that will be held throughout the state. The board must complete and publish its work by October 1, 2011.

The board meets every 10 years following the results of the federal decennial census. The five-member board is responsible for redrawing boundaries for each of the 99 Ohio House and 33 Ohio Senate districts to reflect population changes.

The Apportionment Board, established by Article 11 of the Ohio Constitution, consists of the governor, secretary of state, auditor of state and two additional members, one appointed by the majority party and one appointed by the minority party of the Ohio General Assembly.


  1. great, so now the republicans can structure the districts in their favor. so much for balance and fairness.

  2. Didn't expect anything different, did you?

    Just like FOX News he use to work for...."Fair and Balanced". Ha! Ha! Ha!

  3. To quote your boy Barry Hussein.

    "Elections have consequences." :)

  4. I'm sure if the tables were turned you would still be bothered? Right? Stop whining how the system works when it doesn't work for you, you sound incredibly petty.

  5. I highly doubt that our representation will change that much, if at all, since our population really hasn't varied substantially over the last 10 years. The county only decreased by .7 %/ 350 people. Another thing to consider is that the Republican party has controlled the apportionment board since 1991 in Ohio...that kind of makes your statement a moot point doesn't it?

  6. Hey BE....if elections have consequences then why are you always on here spouting off?

    I guess it only works one way.

  7. Actually, this is an area where everyone should agree: gerrymandering is ridiculous. There needs to be a way to divide congressional districts into equal areas that are squares or rectangles.

    Terms limits, campaign finance reform and controls on gerrymandering might make these people more accountable.

  8. In case you didn't notice, your side lost by an epic landslide last election cycle. That is why I am here, because it's about to happen again.

  9. BE - In case you didn't notice, the GOP is still the minority given they do not control the senate or the executive branch. Once again, limited knowledge of the facts where the rhetoric doesn't meet reality.

    Maybe that will change, maybe not. Perhaps you should wait until then to spout your negativity.

    And with the current field of GOP presidential contendors, don't bet on anything. The real GOP boys are sitting this one out to avoid the tea baggers.


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