Thursday, July 14, 2011

The new 2011 Annie Oakley Days Schedule of Events and Weekend Passes are Now Available

The 2011 festival is being held July 29, 30, and 31. A weekend festival pass is only $3.00 at the gate during the festival or $2.00 if you purchase it before the festival.

You can now pick up a printed schedule and weekend festival pass at the following locations:

  • AAA
  • Greenville City Building
  • KitchenAid
  • Hallmark cards
  • Main Street Greenville
  • Darke County Visitors Center
  • Bill Hawkey and Associates
  • Barga Heating and Air
  • Arcanum Public Library
  • New Madison Public Library
  • Lavy’s Mathathon, Gettysburg

The complete schedule of events for Annie Oakley Days is also available from our web site:


  1. ahh it is flea market fest time again. The only "community" festival that charges admission. Can't it just be over?

  2. To be fair, at least look at the schedule of events:

    plenty more to do than just flea markets. It costs $2 to get in. I've seen the group behind this go out of their way to ask for help and solicit feedback on how to make the event better. It seems to me that they deserve a fair shake to see how it turns out. Everything I've seen and read is leading me to believe it will definitely be worth the time to check out.

  3. L love Annie Oakley Days. Everyone wants things for free, times are tough, Its still cheap to come out and look around and have a great day full of fun for the whole family. Just wished the past Miss Annie Oakley's would attend or atleast be in the parade. We wanted to chat with the past Miss Annie Oakley, the one that won the shooting contest and was related to her,(the Real Annie Oakley) will she be there???I have relatives from out of town,that would like to meet her. See you there William B

  4. Wow, I never realized A relative of Annie Oakley won the shooting contest, when was this??I live in Dayton, Ohio that might be the reason why I never heard about it. I also would like to meet her. Betty

  5. I think you should invite living relative's of Annie Oakleys to the festival, people would love to meet them. Maybe have a tent for them.

  6. William B- I think the girl you are talking about is from Greenville, but not for sure what her name is. I think her last name is Dowler. Anyone know what the girls name is that won Miss Annie Oakley shooting contest and was a relative of the Real Annie? If so could you post her name so people would know. Thank you Dan C

  7. Her name is Jenna Dowler and she is from Greenville. I've seen her at the shooting contest for the last couple years, and I'm sure she will be there this year as well.

  8. this is jenna dowler's grandmother, and she would most defiantly love to chat with anyone that would like to talk to her, and she will be at the shooting contest as well.
    - Linda Schatz

  9. Thanks for the info.Don't know if we can make it to the shooting contest.We were thinking about coming Saturday. William


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