Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OK, Now We're Paying Attention

As if the national and local economies' struggles weren't enough. As if the tough times being endured by everyone hadn't already taken its toll on the well being and outlook on everyone, now come news that the Dayton area distributor of Budweiser may cut off supply (per

Workers, including warehouse workers, delivery drivers and others, charge that their parent company is making harsh cuts to benefits and other aspects of their employment in an unfair manner.

Check the link above for the statement from the workers. Then hastily begin your fallback plan in the event a shortage does occur.


  1. FYI - C & G Distributors supply AB products in Darke Co., not Heidelburg out of Dayton. Don't worry, your bud will be there.

  2. Bud isn't the best stuff around anyway...unless you like the cheap, watered down, so-called beer. I'll take a Miller or Coors over a Bud product any day of the week. Better yet, give me a Blue Moon, Honey Brown, Guinness, Lone Star, Canadian Moleson!

  3. Bud is one step above gutter water, then again, all of the swill pumped out by the big breweries is horrible.

    Not too mention the underhanded and sleazy tactics the large breweries use to fight the small micro-breweries. Go watch a documentary called "Beer Wars".

  4. I'm not saying Budweiser products are the best out there (I prefer Yuengling), but the volume they sell speaks for itself. AB has 50% of the US beer market, then there are the rest. By the way, the big 3 (AB, Miller & Coors) are all owned by companies headquartered on foriegn soil. Miller and Coors are owned by the same company.

  5. yeah... I know those are the same companies. But, the beer is definently different. The brewer makes all the difference.


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