Friday, July 22, 2011

Purveyor of Improbable Possibilities coming to the Gathering at Garst

Lies! Lies, lies, lies! Pure unmitigated, adulterated, bald-faced LIES! And mighty proud of it too! That’s what you’ll hear from Chris Supinger at the Gathering at Garst July 30 and 31, 2011 at Garst Museum.

Describing his performance as “storytelling stretched to its limits,” and “half truths so preposterous, they just might be true,” Chris Supinger is sure to entertain as he “jes drops by” the Gathering at Garst at 11:00 am on Saturday, July 30.

Dressed as a 1770’s traveling long hunter, you can imagine him “jes droppin by” on his travels and talking about news of the area and passing on items of interest about where he’s already been. After these formalities are performed, the swapping of “big windies” will commence. Supinger’s old time tales are a delight to hear for ages two through ninety nine. Anyone other than that either has already heard them or just plain don’t care anymore!

The Gathering at Garst, a Garden of Antiques and Art, will be a quality, juried show that features vendors in the following categories; artists, antique vendors, skilled historical craftsmen, primitive folk- artists, garden exhibitors, farmers market and specialty vendors, and food vendors. Dates are July 30 and 31, 2011 at Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio. Public admission to The Gathering at Garst is free. Regular admission prices apply to tour the museum. All celebration proceeds will benefit the Garst Museum.

Event hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 31.

The Gathering at Garst has a website where the public can access detailed information.
Email is

Supported by a grant from the Darke County Visitors Bureau

The Garst Museum is located at:
205 N. Broadway, Greenville, OH 45331
Museum web site:
Museum email:


  1. No one seems to want to explain why Annie Oakley and this event are at the same time - IS IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR GROUPS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR AN EVENT! I WILL NOT ATTEND EITHER ONE

  2. I feel the organizers are out to put an end to Annie Oakley Days. Pick another weekend, any other weekend! That's rude!

  3. it's been explained over and over again, here in the comments, in other posts, and in the chat.

    The two events compliment each other. While people are in town for one, they can enjoy the other. Maximizing the value of the individuals coming to town for these events is a positive thing.

  4. With all due respect JohnL, Annie Oakley has been around for decades and for some reason that group and the Garst could not see eye to eye and then all of a sudden a new group decides to "upscale" the annie oakley group. Face it - ITS ABOUT COMPETITION... by the way, if you don't want comments - take them off...

  5. I'm not attempting to argue with you, and I believe everyone should be entitled to comment.

    However, on various posts such as this one, there have been comments with sentiments such as yours. We have also then had follow up comments from members of both groups stating that there isn't a sense of competition or ill will among them. I take them at their word. There is room for both festivals as it is today.

  6. Several positive facts remain despite all this debate and speculation:

    The City of Greenville, as a result of the added interest of multiple events and the utilization of local assets, will see an influx of economic growth and public awareness.

    In the bigger picture of things, it represents a general coming together of the cities people to present opportunity for social and economic advancement.

    In light of all the media publicity surrounding everything which will transpire during the next week and beyond, we have set the table for additional advantage in our area.

    Lastly, extra activity outside of the norm spurs interest, while bringing people local and abroad, into town. Those people have both social and economic opportunities which exist outside of the day to day life of our town and area.

    As an executive member of The Gathering at Garst committee and an active citizen of Greenville, you have my word- our chief focus and driving purpose as a whole has been to generate something good for the community and our future.

    Jeffrey B.Besecker
    The Gathering at Garst

  7. Is it understood that this is a fundraiser for the Museum?

    Wouldn't the perfect weekend to have a fundraiser for the Museum be a weekend that already draws a large number of people into town? (That is if the purpose of a fundraiser is to actually raise funds.)

    More people = More funds

    Just a thought

  8. Yes, one purpose of The Gathering at Garst is to generate new foot traffic for the museum and donate a portion of the proceeds to preserving this gem which houses most of our counties history. Doesn't it make sense to support something that preserves our heritage and presents that to those who visit our beautiful city?

    Would we rather be known for our achievements, founders, history and legacy or do we desire to leave the legacy of merely being able to slander each other?


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