Friday, July 22, 2011 Greenville's Kaleb Broomhall Takes First Place in National Speed Skating Competition

Check out this story at, Kaleb Broomhall of Greenville recently competed in USARS Speed Skating Nationals in Fort Wayne, IN. This year he finished first in his age group. Check out the story above and the video below, which includes Kaleb himself talking about his accomplishments. Congrats, Kaleb!

Editor's Note: The article from still states that Kaleb finished third, however the results linked to from the article (found here) actually say Kaleb finished first! Congrats again, Kaleb!


  1. Good Job make us proud!

  2. Kaleb actually came out as the national champion. Just wanted to leat you guys know. Thanks for the story on him he definitely deserves the recognition and to know that his home town is proud!

  3. Congrats Kaleb, so proud of ya. Jenna

  4. Way to go Kaleb! So happy for ya!


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