Friday, July 8, 2011 Report on Ansonia Meth Lab Bust

Click on the image to view's report on the meth lab bust we told you about on Wednesday


  1. I've said it on this site many times.... drugs are in every town and city of every county. I get so sick of people in this area that think drugs can only be found in Greenville. Wake up! No matter where you are, this junk is there and we all must be viligent and report anything fishy to the proper authorities so that they can do their work and get it away from where we live.

  2. i just want to know this case is still under opinion is that things were not handled properly.only one person in trouble when there are five other adults there and knew what was going on.the homeowners and parents of the children got nothing.where do these child endangerment laws come into play.the father was given a ticket for growing pot isnt that drugs and child endangerment.i will be a constant reminder to further look into this case as issues need to be addressed.just taking one person is not solving the problem.two other individuals there with pending meth cases were let free so what happens to them another chance to assemble another lab elsewhere or even back in same place.i believe authorities got a tip off took only one person away and left too many behind.the parents not being charged is a big one with law is that is a 2yr sentence and someone should be reliable for that.its their home the parents also do drugs meth included why do they walk free again.i want to know darke county will be on this and looking into matters to show you do care what goes on in your wont hurt to put in a few more hours of investigation for real. thank you,


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