Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beware: the 127 garage sales are back!

It has become a great Darke County tradition! For one week each August, motorists on U.S Route 127 drive down road while looking sideways. You know the old saying ... "One man's trash is another man's lawsuit" ... or something like that. In all seriousness, it is not unusual to have a cluster of parked cars, pedestrians, and fast-moving semis all competing for the same space. So please be careful! ................................ And a note to those slow-moving rubberneck gawkers: get off the road! Your slow motion shopping from the U.S. Highway is dangerous, and you're going to have to look at that Commodore 64 up close before buying it anyway.


  1. stop by the rustic hill carry out on 127 north thats where we will be. lots of vendors and clean treasures to go.
    stop by for a ice cold drink and shop, and have a safe 127 adventure!!!

  2. Don't think so Keith. This 127 garage sale is STUPID!!

  3. Please study your maps before hitting the road and be aware of road signs and flashing lights, 127 salers. The road frequently changes from four to two lanes and vice versa, and it requires drivers to pay attention. All such changes are well-marked. Look at the signs and lights - they're in place for a reason!

    In Junction City, Ky yesterday afternoon, while driving the speed limit, with my car's headlights on, I almost got hit head-on by a older guy in a SUV yesterday who mistook my northbound single lane for his fast southbound inner lane, right at the well-marked point where the road changes from four to two lanes.

    I hit the brakes and horn simultaneously - he kept coming. I finally had to pull off onto the side of the road, followed by the car behind me, to avoid this oblivious idiot. I surely wish the police had been on hand to witness this dangerous driver and take him off the road.

    So - watch the road, in both directions, leave lots of room between vehicles, signal turns well in advance, use your headlights even when it's not raining or dark, be considerate, be nice, and be safe. And pay attention. You may save your own life as well as mine.

    Susan in Ky


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