Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cultural Camp Held

Left: Campers completed the first Rug for the Log House! Right: Cultural History Summer Campers were taught about blacksmithing by DCP volunteer, Ron Gross. Each camper was able to make and take home a triangular dinner bell.

During the week of July 11-15, campers at Darke County Parks went back in time to the 18th century. Campers began the week quickly learning that being a pioneer kid is hard work! They made their own marbles to play with and then they made candles so they could see at night. The second day, the pioneer kids were introduced to natural dyes and together they made a rag rug on the loom. Just like every other day, the campers helped prepare their snack over the hearth. The whole group then headed to the Anthony Wayne Peace Council house to learn about Native Americans. They played many different Native American games that were not only fun, but helped them develop new hand and eye coordination skills. The following day, Volunteer Ron Gross taught the campers about blacksmithing and each child made their own triangular dinner bell to take home. They also made their own jump ropes as well. The final day of camp was a feast day. Campers enjoyed a delicious feast which they prepared over the hearth. In the end, the campers had a lot of fun and learned to appreciate modern technology. For more information on other programs offered at the Darke County Park District, please visit our website at

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