Saturday, August 13, 2011

FRAM Plant in Startford, ON Canada Closing and Consolidating with Greenville's FRAM Plant?

Although nothing has been confirmed locally by the new owners of the FRAM Group,, a local media outlet in Stratford, Ontario Canada is reporting that the FRAM Group plant there is closing and consolidating jobs with the Greenville plant, a phasing that is to be completed by June of next year.

The closing means a loss of approximately 300 jobs to Stratford, but no mention of a number of jobs expected to be added, if any, to Greenville's plant is mentioned. Further, the article mentions that two plants are actually being closed and consolidated to Greenville, although the other location potentially moving to Greenville is not mentioned.

Time will tell what pans out for the Greenville plant. We'll wait to hear from Rank to confirm the addition of work to the Greenville plant, which, while sad for the folks in Stratford, would be excellent news for Greenville and the surrounding area for sure. Once we know what is official, we will follow up with more details and hopefully the number of jobs (again, if any) being created in Greenville and when we can expect them.

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  1. The other plant that is suppose to close is located in Clearfield, Utah. Currently they are saying that location will be closed by mid October.

  2. If somebody works at the Fram plant please email me for info bgarrison@hotmail(dot)com


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