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Greenville's K-8 Plan in Detail, Submitted by Citizens for Quality Greenville Schools

For quite a while people have been talking about the possibility of Greenville Schools constructing a new building. The project has gone through many stages and is at the point that everyone needs to look at the project and get an idea of what has been done to get to this point. In January a group of people from every precinct in the district was invited to be part of a committee that would look at all of the proposals. From January to May they met each month, visited your schools and also some new schools in the area to see what has been done in other districts. The end result was the project described below.

The proposed layout, with Ohio Street running along
the northwest side.
The Project

  • A new, fully furnished facility for grades K-8 and renovations to the existing High School.
  • An environmentally friendly and efficient building utilizing the benefits of "green" technology
  • A building in which security features provide a safe environment for students and staff.
  • New classrooms providing up-to-date technology, science labs, and flexible learning spaces to enhance the instructional environment.
  • A building providing the space and accessibility to meet the needs of our physically challenged population.
  • Renovations to the existing high school to create efficiencies of operation and enhanced educational opportunities.

The Rationale:

  • The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) advised the district that aging buildings would cost more to renovate than to replace and OSFC would provide co-funding accordingly.
  • The consolidation of Woodland, East, South, and the Junior High would allow operational cost reductions contrasting the current building configuration.
  • The State's financial commitment to GSD's for the project is $18,192,750.
  • Interest rates are at an all-time low.
  • It is much more cost efficient to run one new building than four old buildings.

The Cost for Taxpayer:

  • 6.43 Mills for 28 years and 1/4% School District Income Tax
  • With the elimination of a 2 mil permanent improvement levy enacted in 1989
  • $ 100,000 home = $173 annually (taxpayer 64 years old and less living in home)
  • $ 100,000 home = $130 annually (taxpayer 65 years or older living in home)
  • $ 25,000 income = $63.00 annually ($50 Senior Credit)

[Editor's Note: The above amounts reflect the net increase in tax burden after adding the school levy and removing the permanent improvement levy.]

For information on figuring your tax burden go here:


  1. Why is it for certain that the permanent improvement levy is going to be abandoned? I believe when the time comes, they will want the levy on so they can replace the highschool as well. Woodland Heights is inadequate as well. That is why there is a trailer park next to it.

  2. Earl from My Name is EarlAugust 31, 2011 at 11:31 AM


    the PI levy ins't enough to build a school. it's purpose is to upkeep the current buildings. it won't be needed so they can drop it if this issue is passed.

    woodland is replaced in this plan. The end state is a K-8 on Ohio street and the existing high school.

    The high school was rated by OSFC that it did not meet the requirements for replacement. It will be around for a long, long time.

  3. Frankly I would not trust that the operating levy will be dropped until it happens. It would have to be guaranteed and proven so to me before I took the tax increase backers word for it.

  4. Anonymous, Rudy, and all:
    Last week in a called public meeting the BOE passed a resolution stating that the 2 Mill levy WILL go bye bye if this combined bond issue and income tax passes. You can go to your savings bank on that one.

  5. Can this resolution be changed?

  6. Joe Payne. Why would anyone trust you? You were a puppet for two other members who wanted two quality people and coaches fired over a personal snit. Whom are you speaking for now Mr. payne?

  7. Ok citizens of Greenville, it's time to step up and solve this issue! Our kids deserve it!
    Yea, I'm a home owner and I didn't get a raise this year, but I know our kids deserve better.
    I wonder how they feel when all the small towns in darke county have built nice new schools and Greenville isn't.
    It's time to put aside all the grudges,anger and hard headedness and give our young ones a better learning experience!

  8. I am not from this school district, but from one that recently built a new school. I think as long as the state is paying a portion it would be great for Greenville to have a new school.In my school district my real estate taxes doubled with the new school,and they have an operating levy in Nov... My town is much smaller than Greenville. But the new school is great they have all the bells and whistles you would ever want in a school...Much more than they need...

  9. And If I'm not mistaken all the schools around had enough since to get enough land to build one school rather then do half the job.

  10. Anonymous 9:57, What do you not get about that the state will not give us any money to build a new high school? People say they can't afford the new taxes but you want them to build something that the state will not help with? Also, a K-12 would call for one massive school. Greenville may have lost enrollment but they are still by far the largest school district in the county. I think the BOE finally went about this the right way and got feedback from the community. I also agree with Anonymous 12:17. It is time to step up for the kids and stop all the bickering. There is not a person alive that is going to please everyone all the time. Let's compromise and get the job done. The board has done their part on this issue, now it is our turn.

  11. anonymous
    September 1, 2011 4:29 AM

    What an endorsement: "my real estate taxes doubled with the new school,and they have an operating levy in Nov..."

    Where do I sign up? lol

  12. Building a new school will not end the district seeking new operating levys. Don't be fooled. More than one of the districts building new schools have sought new operating levys. The real reason they cannot build a k-12 building is that the idiots who were on the board and bought the land years ago did not buy enough land. That is the type leadership this district still has on the board. I will not support a new building at this time. Ask me when and if the economy ever improves. Anyone who votes to raise any tax in a recession like we are suffering is just stupid. The biggest reason some want the new school is pure jealousy of the other small districts in the county. Greenville people are that way.

  13. Anyone who has children in the junior high, Woodland, South, or East clearly knows there are severe problems with those buildings. One of my daughters left the junior high building 20 minutes before the large chunk of concrete came down several years ago. What would have happened if the concrete had fallen just 30 minutes earlier when school was being released for the day? How many of our children would have been injured or killed from such an accident? I don't care one bit about who runs the athletic departments at our school. What I DO care about is the SAFETY of my children. My budget is extremely tight, and we have been hit by the economy like everyone else, but I will support this building levy 100 percent. I encourage anyone who has not been inside some of these buildings in the last five years, to actually visit them and see the condition some of them are in.

  14. The "bickering" as someone put it will not stop and should not stop, because voters should not forget what this BOE did and how they voted, blindly, on the personnel issues. I have NO TRUST in anything this BOE says. When this BOE is replaced (excluding Somers) THEN, if the new BOE presents honest information in an upfront way, and the plan is a good one, then I will consider voting yes for a new school. NOT UNTIL THEN. We ALL know we need a new school, and yes the kids deserve it, but we have to be able to trust that our BOE is honest and obtaining ALL of the information to provide to the community (not just what another BOE member tells them).

  15. Rudy, Woodland will be replaced by this new building as well as East, South and the Jr. High. If and when the current high schools replaced it would be through a similar campaign as we are doing now....Permanent Improvement Levies can only be used on existing buildings. Since both of the buildings in use will be relatively new, The levy should no longer be needed.

  16. Annonymous 5:10 It isn't people in Greenville any more. The district runs from the Indiana line to 2 miles from Bradford on the E/W and south of Wayne Lakes to Beamsville on the NS. It includes all or part of 8 townships, two villages and one city. This is because many of theses entities had problems with their own levies and needed support from a larger district. There are 25 precincts voting on Greenville School Issues and the majority are outside the city limits. Negativism against the Greenville school district is negativism against about 1/3 of the county.

  17. The building issue keeps turning into a referendum on the school board.
    Judging from what I have been seeing, hearing this issue has little chance of passing.

  18. Remember the recession. Watch your food prices, the will be increasing again this month, 2012 food price will increase 12%, fuel pricing is on the upswing again. The feds were shocked when the employment numbers came out. More people lost jobs again. How much money has this school board wasted over the last few years? Geo Thermo is not the way to go. I will vote NO and will continue to vote NO until I see a new board and see realism, not lies and trickery.

  19. Fuel prices going up, yet "geo thermal is not the way to go?"

    Can you give evidence how the BOE has wasted any money over the last few years?

    And Lies and trickery?

    After the way this school district has treated the boe for the last several years -- no matter who has served -- it is a wonder that we have anyone at all who willing to put up with the crap levelled at them.

    I am hoping there are at least 50.1% who have sense enough to see that our buildings are long past their usefulness. A new K-8 and renovated high school is a cost effective and efficient plan. Surely there are enough people in this district who can look past any previous grievances we may have had and will say yes.

    All of you others can climb back under your rocks. It's a lot cooler under there than the 90+ degree temps that our kids and teachers have been enduring in the class rooms.

  20. just to let you people know i have worked for the school system.and trust me we need a new school.from what i have seen these kids deserve know if we had a movie star on the BOE you people still would not be is the fact you can't please everybody.i have been in all the me these schools are nickel and dime use to is hard when they only have one maintenance man to take care of all the schools.and them i read about FM school and makes me sick how greenvile act for a new school.all i have to say is god help us.VOTE YES


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