Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Post from Al Bliss Regarding the Debt Crisis

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To every American:

Saturday August 6, 2011 - Have you ever been on the verge of a rant but deeply feel you are missing vital information to justify a total commitment to a heartfelt spewing of frustration. Why has this point been crept gradually up on since August 2, 2011. Well, that was the date the President signed the compromise law to prevent the fiscal chaos - per the Treasury Secretary – that would occur if the United States exceeded the debt ceiling - again specified by the Treasury Secretary.

The three days since the down played signing event have been used to collect United States Government financial information with the goal of being able to understand what took place. What were the results of this dramatic battle that resulted in some really unique name calling especially toward the 67 (according to the media) house republicans that voted yes. Detailed review of the following table summary of the Debt ceiling raise, spending cuts votes in both the House and the Senate confirms that the number 67 is the total of “FRESHMAN”, both Republican and Democrat that voted for this bill. The total of 66 Republicans that voted against this bill is made up of 26 Tea Party, 29 Freshman and 11 incumbents.

It would appear that the media just needed to find someone at fault for the difficulty in reaching a compromise acceptable for “vital national issue”. What was truly accomplished??

  • The Nations credit rating would remain AAA - NO, the credit rating was reduced on August 5, 2011.
  • No new taxes would be assessed – Immediately after the next Presidential election, all Bush tax cuts would be allowed to end – result -- the largest tax increase ever placed on the taxpayers (about half of all folks in the US) of the citizens of the United States.
  • No problem with the debt ceiling until 2013 -- an estimate based on current spending levels and conveniently after the next Presidential election.
  • Establishment of a SUPER GANG OF TWELVE to fix this annoying problem and identify $1.5 TRILLION in cuts by Thanksgiving – Unable to determine today who will be members of this bipartisan bicameral group but will keep looking. Based on information that indicates that this group will exceed the power of Congress, is this group permitted/authorized/allowed by the Constitution of the United States?
  • When will a new amendment be proposed to limit debt and / or spending by the Congress?
  • Did the 26 Tea Party congressman earn various names such as terrorists, hostage takers, tea baggers, extortionists, etc?
  • If spending exceeds revenue income by $1.5 billion per day now and nothing is done to correct this imbalance, will the citizens of the United States have contributed to elimination of the American approach to life through freedom and individual responsibility by never being able to just say NO??? Or should each citizen be satisfied to be a disinterested bystander and just watch??

Does this qualify as a rant or are stronger words called for???

Finally, the results seem to place our country in jeopardy. If socialism/communism is inevitable, should we anticipate an inflation rate like Zimbabwe, riots in the streets like Greece or a once great country spending ninety years in shambles because of our leader’s direction or lack of leadership like Argentina. Should you do something or just watch?

Al Bliss


  1. A one time debt reduction donation of roughly $46.66 from every one of the nearly 300,000,000 tax payers over the age of 18 within the US would effectively wipe out the 14 trillion in nation debt in one fail swoop...

    The average consumer in the US spends nearly twice that each week in entertainment spending.

    Sacrifice one week of pleasure to put our country back on track. Problem solved!

  2. are you kidding me- your stupid elected officials got us here! I would not give them a dime of my hard earned money so they could start again. Impeach every Dirty Democrat, Lying Republican and Tea Party nut and start over.

  3. What makes you think any new, inexperienced official could do any better?

    Until the country can produce a surplus I don't see the reason to call on the American people to pay off the countries debt. Although 14 trillion doesn't build up over night any debt coming off of a fresh start would be a slap in the face.

  4. Eaterie, Sounds like a good plan to wipe out the debt, but if the spending problem isn't fixed, it would only take time that every U.S. citizen would have to "donate" again to bail out the economy. We all have to live within our means, set and balance our budgets, why is it so hard for elected officials to do this?? Why does there have to be SO MUCH animosity between parties?? Are we not all wanting the same end result? I probably don't know as much about what's going on as the guy next to me, but I do know it seems like a bunch of kids school yard fighting rather than intelligent men and women running a country!

  5. Eaterie: that would only generate $14 billion-move the decimal 3 more places and it would be $46,660 per tax payer. The national debt is a bigger problem than most realize and/or comprehend

  6. @Eaterie, Your math is all wrong. First there is not 300 million Americans over 18. There is only about 307 Million Americans of all ages. Your math skills show why this country is in debt trouble anyway. People listen to the talking heads on the news and don't check the facts. $46.66 from all 307 Million (yes including babies) Americans would be just over 14 Billion dollars. This doesn't even put a dent in our debt, and you claim that this would clean up almost all debt. You should check out, currently the debt per citizen is $46,760. And the debt per taxpayer is $130,363. These numbers are based on 311 million Americans. With either number of Americans, you are wrong.

  7. Ok, so it was a quick look at things which had some flaws in the figures. My point being, instead of spending so much time bitching about who and what is to blame, the solution lies in people setting aside animosity and working together for an answer.

    The exceedingly negative posts from detractors further cements this notion- instead of looking for a better way, we, as a society,are too busy labeling the left, the right, democrat, republican, teaparty etc, etc...

    The time spent assailing my assumption did NOTHING to reduce the debt, where my clerical error would have at least brought a partial reduction.

    If we stop looking to degrading each other, will will start being on a path which builds a stronger Union.

  8. What the US "could" do is call in some of its own markers but that would just look bad. We have given away so much in cash and prizes it is ridiculous...all in the name of Looking Good and Feeling Good too. I've always wondered just how much is owed to us or was it all just benevolent donation and/or you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

    Also, when do we stop doling out allowances to every country who gets in a pickle and holds out their hand? Does that money come from a separate bottomless pit that no one is aware of? Frankly, I think that is the FIRST place you make cuts. I know we have given a monetary gift regularly over the years to Israel but really...isn't it time to cut the apron strings to the World?

  9. Eaterie's math error notwithstanding, the most interesting comment was from Anonymous 10:47, who is not willing to spare $46.66 even if it would eliminate the nation's debt. I think that is very representative of a lot of people, and why our problems will never be solved.

  10. who made us the keeper and protector of the world?

  11. Beth, not sure why you singled out Israel. They are our closest ally in that part of he world. Should we ot help them? We sent millions to viet nam to teach hookers how to drink alcohol more responsibly. Actualy foreign aid is 1% of our budget. Cut it ou copletely and you would not even notice it in the budget. Welfare programs, SS, Medicare and edicaid re whre the big money is.That and federal retirement programs that we can no loner afford.

  12. What's that expression that Don Wright dude likes to use...... "ink fever." Yeah, that's what Al Bliss has! Hahahaha

  13. Actually 421, military is where the big money is. No number of cuts from any number of programs will equal the military budget. Im not saying to eliminate the military, I'm saying 10% of 50% of the budget is much more effective than 10% of 1% and. 5% of little programs that already don't have funding.

  14. Did you keep your stimulus check a couple years back? Everyone of you who didn't give it back are hypocrites.

    How many millionaires/billionaires are in darke county to justify this kind of rantin' and ravin'. "ewww- they are going to raise our taxes..." that is the most unAmerican comment I have ever heard... Unless you or your combined income is $250,000/year+ -you have no good reason to yap.

    Have you looked up the median income in Darke Co. lately? $45,169/year per family with 11.9% living in poverty. 2009 dollars adjusted for inflation. ""

    Its a bit tough to feel sorry for you...

    Only 616 households out of 20,633 total in Darke Co. make $150,000 or more/year. You can spout off all you want about debt ceiling and trillion dollar debt but money is an abstract concept to the average citizen here in the good ol' county of Darke.

    All those lovely tax breaks the upper crust get are shipping jobs overseas. Have you seen any new jobs around? Anywhere? Aww yes, I see the rich investing left and right into all kinds of new and innovative businesses.

    Socialism/communism-do you even have any idea what you are talking about?

  15. Anonymous is a fallacy that Israel is our closest ally in that part of the world. Countries which require constant handouts and protection I hardly consider an ally...more like a burdensome child. I would ask you if you have ever been to Israel...I have. I've also seen the devastation they have caused to others. I wouldn't consider our money well spent.

    I am well aware that foreign aid is a miniscule part of the budget overall but it is part of defense spending and that is where some of the largest cuts have to be made. Cuts also have to be made in the Entitlement programs. This gets us out of the red for THIS fiscal year and most of 2012. As it stands right now though, without a significant influx of revenue, getting rid of the debt will not occur within the next 20 will actually increase, even with massive cuts across the board. Getting rid of Soc Sec and Medicare seem an ideal welfare programs- take the burden off the tax payer and put money back in, but after the initial influx to the economy there is ...nothing. The programs are revenue generators of sorts insofar as the governemt taps them as needed and they are always there. There is no long term benefit economically, only mentally.

    I see the harder option to figure out being the revenue source. They have to sell taxing the American people to death or come up with alternative sources in order to remain in power. They have seen first hand that the citizenry aren't quite the sheep they thought they were with the last election.

    To Anon12:51
    If I am running a business I am going to go where that business is going to benefit me the most. I am out to make money, not support a welfare state. You can talk about altruism all you the end, I have my family and my own best interest at heart just like you do. If Darke County and/or its towns are not willing to sweeten the pot or make it worth my while to stay here then so be it. Time for me to pick up stakes and move or ship my labor overseas. Don't say you would never do that either...if you owned a business you would or you would be bankrupt.

  16. What kills me is why would Congress select a SUPER GANG OF TWELVE to look for cuts? Isn't that their job anyway?

  17. Taking your business elsewhere is what got this country in the mess it is in. Industry reform, similar to what Germany put into place, is one of the only options left for the USA.

    " the end, I have my family and my own best interest at heart..." is the most unAmerican thing anyone can say. Didn't you hear about the Navy Seals who just died defending this country? Those soldiers didn't die just so you can have you and your family's best interest in mind. But they did die so you can have the right to be so narrow-minded.

    Oh,and "Sweetening the pot" is another word for WELFARE. Did you give back your stimulus check?

  18. People always state that government should live within their budget just as families have to do. I agree. So if you were severely in debt at home, would you only be willing to cut expenses and refuse to increase income with a second job or some other plan? If you bought an item that you couldn't afford, wouldn't you return it if possible? Of course you would. So why do we only want to cut expenses but refuse to eliminate the Bush tax cuts that we couldn't afford in the first place. And why not get out of these wars we are not going to win anyways.

    Reagan increased taxes and the economy got better. Clinton had higher taxes and the economy flourished. Done with other good programs and plans will produce good results.

    The current mentality by some is that raising taxes will hurt the economy. How much worse can it get? This idea is factually proven wrong with a realistic look at history. Stop listening to people who have an agenda dressed up like the news. It is propoganda, nothing more.

    "My way or the highway" has never produced good results and never will. This attitude is ruining this country more than anything or anyone.

    Narrowmindedness never solved anything.

  19. Briliant idea! Just raise taxes in a recession and this economy will boom. Have you any idea how much money obama has spent? Raising taxes is not the answer. How high of a tax burden do you want for yourself? Oh I get it, you only want the "rich" to carry the burden. You liberals are pretty quick to spend other peoples money.

  20. 1:50pm - If you are smart enough to reread what I wrote I said that higher taxes, if done with good plans and programs will not automatically ruin the economy, no matter what the people say that are indoctrinating you. History proves that it can be done and won't ruin the economy, as if it is not ruined already. And you are probably one that believed that saving the auto industry and banking industry was not needed, like that wouldn't have ruined the economy! Yeah, right!

    I would pay more in taxes if I was guaranteed that we would all pay our fair share, something that is not happening.

    If tax breaks work, where are the jobs?

    Going from spending too much (which we are) to just cutting everything off entirely is not a realistic or intelligent answer. Kind of like putting a tourniquet around your neck to stop a nosebleed.

    We need to cut spending across the board FAIRLY and raise taxes FAIRLY. Anything less and you are just arguing over peanuts. I hear everyone talk about cutting the budget but I hear no one stating what to cut. Just stuff the other guy wants.

    If you don't cut SS, Medicare, Medicaid or Defense, you might was well not bother. And not later, cut them now. Ryan's plan cut some of these in 10 to 15 years, long after the current TEA baggers "got theirs". Let's see a political party suggest to cut them immediately and watch the fireworks. Suddenly, the solution will be something else!

    Put the wind turbines in Columbus and Washington and watch our energy problems go away!

  21. Hard to take your post seriously when you lower yourself to calling names. Not surprisingly seeing how you are a liberal. By the way, there are no Bush tax cuts. They are the obama tax cuts. This is the obama economy. You are right, GM and Chrysler should not have been bailed out. They should have been forced to go through bankruptcy and than they would have been reorganized, stronger and better. The airlines went through it, did they go out of busness? By the way, where is obamas plan? How many years now since the dems have passed a budget in the senate? I will tell you it has been 833 days. You cruiticize the GOp's plan yet the dems have nothing. Oh I forgot, obama put out a budget that went down 97 -0 in the dem controlled senate lol. That is real leadership.

  22. No name calling, just not sure you can read through eyes that missed it the first time.

    No Bush tax cuts? I see, complete denial. I guess the crappy economy at the end of 2008 was none of his doing? No wonder you think people who have spent us into oblivion are now our saviors. Oh yeah, Hannity said so.

    Had the banks and car industry went totally belly-up we would have no economy at all. But of course that's not what Rush says.

    Bush screwed it up and Obama has not done the right things to fix it. I am neither liberal or conservative, therefore, I can think for myself and see that both parties are screwing things up at an alarming rate. Yet some people continue to blame one side over the other. Keep drinking the kool-aid!

    By the way, before your head explodes, FOX News and MSNBC are both totally bias and neither are true news companies. But, I am sure you would never agree. After all, it's difficult for some to understand. And impossible for others.

  23. Yesterday the market dropped 630+ points. Definitely only Obama's fault.

    Today it went up over 400. I suppose, then, that only he gets the credit?

    Only makes sense.

    For BE and others, that's called sarcasm.

  24. Please explain to me how it is moral to steal, because that what it really is, steal wealth from those who already pay much more than their 'fair share' already, all the while not doing naything about the 51% of this country who doesn't even pay income taxes?

    How about we start taxing THEM so they can pay their 'fair share' since it is all about fairness?

    But, it's not is it? It's about wealth distribution, taking from those who earned it, and giving it to those who haven't made the same decisions of succeeded as those who are wealthy.

    The flaw in lil Barry's plan is, you could confiscate the entire wealth, every last dime of everyone in this country who earns more than 10 million a year, and it would only net you 240 billion dollars, that will do NOTHING to cut down the deficit or the national debt.

    We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. If you cannot comprehend that, then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

    To quote our clueless leader, you can come along, you're just gonna have to ride in the back of the bus.

  25. We need to tax those evil rich people! They aren't paying their fair share!

    No doubt! We need to raise their taxes till they scream so we can keep bailing out the unions and giving to the welfare class! It's only fair!

    (Six months later...)

    Hey, I just found out my work is closing, I'm going to be out of work, my company is moving overseas.

    Those greedy evil rich!

    That is what you can expect to happen on a national scale if you raise taxes on the small businesses in this country (ie, those who make over 250,000). Then the liberals will be crying about the greedy rich wanting to keep the money they earned.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder...

  26. The real solution is to keep more of our dollars at home in our local community as opposed to sending it to Washington DC to let some political hack decide who wins and who loses before sending a portion back to us.

  27. More likely:

    Hey, my job is now going overseas so that my company can make more profit and hide it in off-shore accounts. Thank goodness the politicians in Washington set up a tax break to make this scenerio possible and profitable.

    I love that BE claims they all pay their fair share. There are two groups that pay little or nothing at all. The wealthy corporations and the poor. The bulk is paid by the middle class. Not opinion, look up the numbers. And before you do the ceremonial "What about GE" (owners of MSNBC) I agree. Same with NewsCorp. They pay less now than ever in history. The tax rate system in the US is screwed up. And we have a financial crisis as in too little income and too much debt. If you only see one, open the other eye.

    For all you (suddenly missing) idolizers of Reagan, let's agree to go back to the tax rates under his administration. That has to be right, after all, that was REAGAN!

  28. I don't believe the rich pay the same in proportion to the financially lower classes. The rich pay taxes differently than how you or I pay when we receive our paycheck. There are many ways to get out of paying taxes when you are rich. The idea was to encourage the rich to keep jobs here and philanthropist acts to better our nation as a whole.

    But- The rich are building rickety factories in Asia and paying children slave wages while dumping the toxic waste in a hole out back with the tax breaks received in the States. Corporate greed is what runs this country today.


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