Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspiramental - Preparing for the Darke County Fair

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks preparing for Inspiramental Company’s third year at the Great Darke County Fair! It really is a great fair! People come from counties around to peruse the exhibits; some of the exhibits take two weeks to erect. We’re caught up in the spirit of the fair too and try to go all out to display our products and services as well as working solar energy models for the curious.

Last year we had an evacuated tube solar hot water collector heating 200 gallons of water in an open container plus a prototype solar oven that we tested during fair week at our spot on Implement Row. Implement Row, by the way, runs between the two main entrances off and parallel with Sweitzer Street. We’re halfway between the entrances on the west side of Implement Row.

Here’s a preview picture of this year’s exhibit featuring our True South pole mount system for solar electric panels. That sweet 1968 Chevy truck belongs to my Dad, we used it to the PoleV II and other materials out to our temporary home on the Row at the Fair.

And hey we’d love to have you join us tonight at 6pm at our exhibit on Implement Row. Chef Jeff from Eaterie will be demonstrating how to bake whole wheat bread using our solar oven. More details here on DJ or on our Facebook here.

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