Monday, August 8, 2011

Jesse Green Supporters March On

Union City Parade August 6, 2011. Misses Green and Earwood hold the banner honoring all our military. Jesse Green could not be present for the parade because of this military commitment.

Jesse's unit is the 73rd Troop Command stationed at Rickenbacker Air Base in Columbus, Ohio. Their mission took them to Maskatatuck, Indiana where they made military history by becoming the first certified and validated Homeland Emergency Response Force (HRF) in the nation. They will respond to domestic large scale disasters to coordinate the various agencies assigned to help, aid and support local and state efforts in the event of a chemical, environmental, biological, radiological or nuclear attack within the United States. Eventually, there will be a HRF in each of the ten FEMA regions in the country.


  1. Wow! Sounds like important work! Proud to have one of our own participating on such a task!

  2. Who's that dude with the shades on?


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