Thursday, August 25, 2011

Local Amateur Comedians Sought for Show at The Score Board


  1. I've seen this ad on here before and I think it is missing a bit from grade school English to fully understand it. Not being mean, just offering help. Please follow:

    Who - Comedians at heart
    What - 3 minutes of stand-up
    When - [crickets]
    Where - [crickets]
    Why - I think I can guess this one
    How - By contacting certain people listed

    Hope that helps.

  2. The event is on the evening of September 10th at Scoreboards in Greenville.
    The local comedians who would sign up for this will be "opening" for headliner Jeffrey Jena, who is a fantastic comedian that has been on the Bob & Tom show.
    It is a fundraiser event that includes a meal, and anyone who is willing to get on stage and do a bit will get in free and will be seated at the table with Jena for the evening.

    Thank You for your feedback 6:45am. It is appreciated. Do you know anyone who may be interested in such a thing?

  3. I have a question about the fundraising money. It says you are raising money to send a kid to the reagan ranch. How much money needs to be raised and how much of it have you raised? Also if not enough money is raised what do you plan on doing with that money??

  4. I hate to say this, but I question whether you may be someone who is trying to sabotage the event. Please email me privately at or call me at the number on the flier and I will be more than happy to answer these questions. Otherwise, I can only assume that you don't really want to know for innocent reasons.

    Unfortunately, Darke Co. has some unsavory people who wish to do our group harm rather than be supportive.


  5. Ok Micki I was just asking a question. I'm not trying to sabotage the event. I was just curious how much money would need to be raised to send someone to the reagan ranch because it seems as if that would be expensive. I don't see what the harm was in asking that question. I'm sure other people would like to know how much had been raised in the effort. I'm sorry if you are paranoid and think people are out to get you but the public has a right to know what they are donating to and I don't see why you are hiding it unless you don't think you will raise enough.

  6. Micki most groups will give what the monetary goal is not just what they plan to achieve. Evey fundraiser I have been to the group will tell you what the monetary goal is so people will know. I tried to find an amount but have not been able to locate it. I guess the DCYC are above letting the people know where exactly their donations are going.

  7. Again, I apologize for seeming cryptic.
    What is your name? I posted mine. I cannot understand "anonymous" when it comes to a reasonable or innocent you'll excuse me if I don't trust people who afraid to say who they are. (Though, I could guess, based on the way you write) I have been volunteering for various non-profit groups since I was a teenager -- I do not need an opinion on how to do so.

    We will need approximately $1,000 to cover all of the costs. If, for any reason, we do not reach that goal in this one night, we will continue to put funds into the account until we have. There is plenty of time for that.

    Still afraid to state your name?

  8. Micki,

    Your reluctance to give this information to begin with makes many people think you may have something to hide. Either do it right or don't do it. If you have nothing to hide, play it straight and you'll get more cooperation and support. For someone who has been volunteering as long as you state, you should have known better.

  9. I think some of us recognize the "Great Nitpicker" writing! She will chew up this idea and spit it out because it's not her idea or because she won't be able to get her face in the newspapers in connection with it. Does she never sleep?

  10. Hey, Micki, you could bribe her to shut up. Offer a photo op with Mr. Jena for the newspapers---that's all she'd want, I bet.

  11. Nothing asked above could be considered nitpicking as these are all legit questions. I have nothing in this and don't know any of you but your tone is a grand turnoff. So much for light-hearted comedy. You are sinking your own ship.

  12. Hahahahahahahaa!
    Awwwww......poor little baby hates it when she can't control the situation! Too funny that she (or one of her cronies) has the absolute arrogance to name them self "Ronald Reagan." As if....

    A live comedy show with a professional comedian and dinner for twenty-bucks ---- plus, you don't have to drive 50-miles one-way and use gallons of expensive gas to see it --- who cares why! Some people are just hateful and petty.

    I believe the textbook definition of "paranoid" would include hiding behind anonymity for absolutely no reason. Hahahaha! It is definitely the definition of "cowardly." :)
    I have no use for cowards.

    If that bothers "anonymous," maybe she can have her partners in crime write some "anonymous" letters about me! Hahahahahahaha

  13. Pretty much wraps it up for me. These people need a reality check. People ask them what the funds are for and how much they want to collect and they go into full-fledge paranoia. I only used this name as a response to your complaints about names. After all, anyone can make up a name.

    You people really have no business on the business end of this. You would do your cause great service by turning this over to someone more professional.

    And by the way, I don't have a clue who "she" is and therefore I am no one's croney. But whoever "she" is may just have justification for "her" attitude towards you people. Get a grip. The only person saying things that are "petty and hateful" are you people.

    David Barger and Leah Poling....You would be welled served by having a little discussion with Micki.

  14. Ms B., we know who you are--- you always know better than ANYONE what others should do; there is only one woman in Greenville who absolutely HAS to tell people what to do---that's you! Who are you to judge and advise a "professional"? Guess we know who you have in mind. And wow! there would be your face and name in the newspapers (it's already all over the party web site, as well as the state web site (bet those Columbus ladies LOVE that! Micki and I use our own names----what's yours?

  15. Wow!

    How to make friends and influence people - NOT

    Whoever Ms. B is I apologize for these people thinking I know you. These people are paranoid to the extreme.

    You people need help! You have no idea that I know none of you or this Ms. B person. But that doesn't seem to stop you from ranting on and on.

    You must be young conservatives as old conservatives would never act like children.

    What a pathetic representation of an otherwise good cause.

    At this rate, you will probably ask the people that attend to bring 4 proofs of ID and run them through a metal detector. You need some serious therapy!

    Sorry Ms. B, they will blame this on you.

  16. Oh, poor misunderstood Ms B. Now she recommends not only a professional to put on a simple event, but now she advises a therapist! What a busy-body she is. Go away, Ms. B. and leave us alone---we'll manage to get along without you.

  17. I doubt if you can manage anything. You are so sure of yourself and yet so wrong. What a bunch of loonies.


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