Monday, August 15, 2011

Open Discussion: Warren Buffet is Tired of Being Coddled

Here's another log that I'll casually toss onto the fire regarding the debt crisis. Warren Buffet writes in the NY Times that it's time to "Stop Coddling the Super Rich."

What do you think? If he wants to pay more should he just donate it? Is that besides the point? Does one of the super rich speaking out against the assumptions that more taxes means less job creation and less investing do anything to your commitment to that argument?


  1. Buffet sure likes attention. What is keeping him from paying more. He takes every exemption he can, I heard him say that. Why doesn't he write a check today for oh say five or six billion. He is all talk, he does not want to pay more. There is a fed IRS program that allows people to donate money to pay down the debt. I suggest buffet and the rest of you liberals knock yourself out. Send those checks today!

  2. Typical response.

    One time gifts from one individual will do nothing to the long term fiscal health of the country. Spending cuts need to be made, but the upper echelon of income earners shouldn't be outside the realm of those who will sacrifice.

    Buffett is a man of integrity. I'm sure if he spoke up against tax increases for the rich, he'd be stood up as a beacon of Reagonomics. the fact is, he IS the guy the conservatives keep trying to protect and he is shouting as loudly as he can "we are not weak and we will not crumble from adjusting tax rates to where they belong."

    Want to know why the arguments against letting the tax cuts for the wealthy expire are all moot? The wealthy are ok and will continue to seek out income, even if it's taxed heavier. Even the rich are saying so! Why should we believe middle income at best earners know what's best for the rich moreso than the actual rich? Aren't they rich because they are the smartest, most talented individuals by virtue of winning in a capitalist system? We should listen to them, rather than shoot down their thoughts simply because they go against your preconceived thought.

  3. Buffett can pay as much as he wants to. Just like all liberals he likes spending other peoples money. He could set a great example by giving half of his wealth to cut the debt. All talk and no action.

  4. somebody smarter than warren buffettAugust 15, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    When you raise tax rates, historically, government revenues decrease. So why would you ever do it?

  5. [citation needed]

    if that's the case, we should cut taxes to .0000000001% and reap maximum revenues.

  6. Actually, in recent history, Reagan and Clinton both raised taxes and the economy got better or continued on a good course. Both had much higher tax rates for the rich and nothing suffered, including jobs. Just a lot of myth by talk radio. Please stop making up history that is untrue.

  7. What I find so frustrating about people's political views is not that people have come to the wrong conclusions but that they have started with the wrong assumptions-- "lowering taxes increases revenues," "don't tax the rich because I've never received a job from a poor guy," "if I vote republican roe v wade will be overturned," "vote for the tea party so we can keep big government's hands off our medicare and social security."

  8. It is a fallacy to believe that only the rich are job creators. That is just not so. There are many, many more very small business people who create jobs that hire only a few people at a time. I hire about half a dozen people or more every year. I am not any where near rich. I just need help running things.

    Has everyone forgotten that the Bush tax cuts for the rich happened at the same time that we lost millions of jobs? Can anyone possibly explain how oil comapnies who make billions in profits after taxes find enough deductions and loop holes not to pay taxes? This is the kind of criminality that we let happen every day!

  9. I think a clear assumption and easy one to make is if this idiot in the White House currently is allowed to stay in for another 4 years, this country is done as we know it. He has caused decades of harm in 3 short years.

    As for Warren Buffet, he is like every other liberal, all for taking someone else's money, so long as it isn't theirs. Like was already said, what is stopping him from paying more? Oh, that' right, he's a hypocrite. Just like every other liberal I met. Their ideology sounds good so long as it isn't YOUR money the IRS is taking.

    Same goes for his fellow liberal Bill Gates. He spouts about not paying their fair share, well then, cut a check Billy and pay your fair share. What's stopping them again?

    Also, who even listens to him? He was wrong on just about everything he predicted in the past three years. There is a reason even he (his company) was downgraded. He may be rich, but it doesn't make him the oracle some think he is. Also, it's idiotic to even bring him up when it concerns the income tax raise since he pays 0% income taxes, he pays dividend taxes, not income taxes.

    As for one time gifts not doing anything for the health of this nation, neither does raising only taxes during the Obama Recession part 2. You can not get rid of our financial issues by raising taxes, the numbers do not add up. It is going to require some revenue increases, but the majority of it is going to have to be spending cuts. There isn't enough money in the economy to seize to even cover the debt, or half of it.

    The greatest thing we can do for this country is get Barack Hussein Obama out of the White House and let him go back to Chicago and go organize and organize something since it's the only job he's qualified for.

  10. BE, I'm going to go out on a limb here and make the assumption that you are a good christian. Matthew 19:21
    Jesus told him, "If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."
    Get out your bible and practice what it says and understand that Warren Buffet is an atheist, but is looking a lot closer to Jesus than you are.

  11. Once again BE spouts his gloom and doom rhetoric. For BE, everything wrong with the country is Obama's fault. He constantly states that jobs will not happen unless we continue tax breaks for the wealthy and when wealthy individuals like Buffet and Gates disagree, they are not worth listening to.

    No, BE, you are the one not worth listening to. You, like so many others, spend your weekdays spewing hatred for "liberals" (anyone that doesn't agree with you) and those down on their luck, stating that they are generally lazy and want to sit around and collect checks. Then I am sure you go to church on the weekends and pat yourself on the back for being such a good christian.

    Obama has failed to get us out of this mess but the mess was there when he came into office, due in most part by the very same "only the rich can help us" attitude that people like you believe because you hear it on talk radio or read it on the internet. You regurgitate make-believe "facts" that are easily disproven with a little research that, of course, you won't do because it might not prove out to be 100% true. That's what got us in this mess. Now we just need to find a way out of it. It will never get better under your negative and elitist attitude and it definitely won't get better looking down upon the vast majority in this country that aren't as radical as you.

    Get Obama out of the white House is a great sound bite, but then what? Go back to doing what got us in this mess in the first place? And tell me someone who actually has a plan that will work. I only hear politicians spewing sound bites but in the end, no one on the national stage seems to have the answers. If someone does, I'd vote for them tomorrow. So why don't you run, BE? We'd love to hear your over-simplistic plans.

  12. Finton, you keep talking about Oil Companies, Apple Computers now passed Exxon Mobil, so will we hear you and rest of your liberal buddies on here railing against big Apple?

  13. Apple passed Exxon Mobile for a brief time on the stock market. Don't make it sound like somehthing it is not. Regardless, Apple and Exxon Mobile should NOT be getting tax breaks and/or subsidies from the government. They should all pay their fair share.

  14. Pinko Paul has made he most intelligent observation in this thread. These right-wing pseudo Christians are very adept at trying to steer their camels through the eye of the needle.

  15. lol at all the Christian bashing going on in here, sure sign there are liberals lurking. Christians absolutely offend them. Sadly, I am not Christian, or any other religion. So save your ignorant Christian bashing.

    Ron Paul is a nutjob. His economic ideas are rock solid, but on every other issue he comes off sounding like a lunatic.

    and 10:18, where is the bashing for Barry's little buddies at GE who paid ZERO corporate taxes last year? Where is the liberal media and the marxist in chief at to bash them? Obviously the fair share doesn't matter if you are friends with BO.

  16. GE, Apple, Exxon Mobile and yes, BE's favorite company, NEWSCORP, should all pay taxes and get no tax breaks or government support except, perhaps, in the case of an incentive plan to create jobs in the US, not overseas.

    As for the bashing, I am not bashing Christians or any religion at all, my bashing concerns hypocritical people who repeat misinformation and someone else's rhetoric with limited knowledge or desire to investigate where you might find a different viewpoint.

    I hope you are never down on your luck or have need of a government-linked service. When the day comes that you cash your SS check, call the police, rescue or fire dept. or travel on the plowed roads, remember that they are all involved in that terrible thing we call government. Oh yeah, I forgot, they are only a waste of money when they are helping others.

  17. Spare me, I have been poor, extremely poor and jobless, I pulled up my belt and got back on my feet, without looking for a handout. So spare me the rhetoric, for someone bashing rhetoric, you spout enough of your own.

    As for SS, I am not worried about it, because it simply will not exist since neither side is willing to tell the seasoned citizens of this country, or those approaching that age group, changes will need to come. Which is rather odd since the wealthiest age segment in this country is the senior citizens.

    And for the earlier comments about the poor not creating jobs, I was using the current idiot in chiefs definition of wealthy, those making 200,000k or more. Someone making 50k a year doesn't create jobs. The average job depending on industry requires $80,000 to $150,000 of business. So yes, the poor and lower middle class do not create jobs or wealth. if you don't like the definition, then have the president change his definition of rich next time he is spouting class warfare.

    I do not blame all of our troubles on Obama, but I do blame him for making it much much worse than it would have been. I blame him for the joblessness thanks to the uncertainty that his socialist health care bill is causing. I blame him for the 5 trillion in debt he's added since he took office. I blame him for his world wide apology tour apologizing for America to countries who deserve no such respect.

    I'm sure when bush was in office, you were spouting how it was all Bush's fault. You were most likely one of those blaming Bush for gas prices despite gas being almost twice as much now since lil Barry took office.

    Please, tell me one thing this president has done that has made this country better, has created jobs, has strengthened this country in any way what so ever. I am interested in hearing them.

  18. Quoting the words of Jesus can not be considered christian bashing.

  19. Quote them all you wish, just don't expect all of us to care or feel obliged to live by them.

  20. No, BE, I doubt if you truly want to hear any credit to this President as I am sure you will completely deny the benefits or the credit.

    This President was handed one of the worse economies in history due to the failed policies that some wish to return to. He and others in Government saved us from turning it from a serious recession into an unbelievable depression. Never before had so many economic disasters been knocking at our door. Had he sat by and allowed the industries to "correct themselves" we would have seen a total collapse of our economy. That cannot be denied. His biggest mistake was not making the changes to avoid it in the future. The same things could happen again today. That is a failure on his part.

    We got out of the Great Depression by implementing things like the WPA and by building up our military in response to the start of WWII. All of which was government spending. But of course many on here say the government doesn't create jobs. Again, history proves otherwise.

    Given that many of the policies of our last administration caused this mess, yes, I was not happy with Bush. But I did not sit around, listen to his critics and then repeat talking points regardless of accuracy. I actually blamed both sides for not doing what was needed to get things fixed and moving forward. I complained then, as now, about the rising debt that no one, including the GOP, seemed too upset about 4 years ago.

    For the first time you admit that everything is not Obama's fault and that both sides are to blame. Good for you.

    Quite frankly things are not getting better but given our political climate, nothing will. No one is willing to try anything the other side has to offer as a possible solution. They, like many on here, would rather sit around, make up lies and tell you why the others hate this country. So much talk but so little action. Our "leaders" on both sides of the aisle are more interested in getting reelected than in helping the country. Many of the same things the Obama Admin have suggested or tried would have been a GOP strategy just a couple of years ago.

    And when people spout off about one side being better or worse over the other, they simply show their ignorance of the situation.

    And as to being poor in the past, perhaps you should reflect not only how you got past it, but also how you got there. Was it ok for people to assume you were lazy and looking for nothing more than handouts? No, so you and others should not do the same.

  21. The difference being I didn't look for handouts, unlike millions in this country currently. Even you have to admit there are millions sitting on welfare, sitting on unemployment by choice, not consequence.

    As for this administration saving us, I have to disagree as this very administration's policies have led us to this downgrade, have printed so much money that it has weakened the US dollar to a point we've never seen, even during the depression. As for the WPA and the New Deal, neither of those were a success fiscally. The only thing that got us out of the depression was the war. Had the war not happened the US would have stayed in the depression for much longer.

    I agree also about both sides being bad, but the difference is, currently only one side is wanting to stop the main cause of our problem, that is SPENDING, we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Even S&P's downgrade report noted it wasn't a lack of revenue, but the rate of spending. Now we have rumors of even more spending in the form of a soon to be so called Job's Bill, which is expected to be tens of billions for infrastructure, despite that supposedly having been the focus of the last stimulus.

    Despite what the liberal schools teach, there are winners, and there are losers, and in this fight, someone is going to lose, and I think this time it will be the American people unless we do something about what got us here.

  22. Even liberals believe that Obama's record is spotty. To be fair though, the economy was in worse shape when he took office than anyone really thought.

    We are never going to create jobs here until we start taxing imports to level the playing field between countries who pay a pittance for labor and have no environmental standards and regulations for manufacturing. We will never fix the economy by cutting federal and state jobs to for budget concerns either, as that only takes more workers and their money circulation out of the economic picture.

    Obama should never have allowed himself to be blocked in closing Guantanamo . As commander-in-chief, I think he could have ordered it closed without congressional approval and brought the prisoners to any Federal prison because they are on Federal land, not lands that are state controlled. I could be wrong on that point of law, but it should be that way

  23. While this administration has not been able to get us back on track, it certainly saved us from disaster. We were on the brink of fiscal devastation and had the financial entities and the auto companies all went belly-up at the same time, the result would have made our current problems seem small. BE, I didn't expect you to agree with me.

    You are correct that the war is what saved us from the Great Depression but again, that is government spending to equip the war effort. The orders and payments came from the government. The problem now is we are already in 3 wars and cannot expect that spending to help us.

    If you believe that the same GOP that spent like drunken sailors during the Bush years has suddenly seen the errors of their ways, you are extremely naive. These career politicians suddenly saw a rising (split) in their party called the Tea Party and jumped on the bandwagon to insure their reelection. Many used the Tea Party for their own benefit and will eventually throw them aside as time goes by and the Tea Party ilk lose favor and power.

    Our lack of revenue is not an anomoly. It happens anytime we have a recession. But keeping tax cuts that we couldn't afford in the first place (and still can't) makes no sense, especially from people who claim other stimulus attempts were worthless. What jobs are the Bush Tax cuts creating or saving? None.

    As to Obama's upcoming speach, I laugh when the conservatives give him hell when he doesn't have a plan and then give him hell even before he announces one. Pretty much goes to their underlying mission to allow the economy to continue to suffer for the sole purpose to knock him out of office. Some public servants they are.

  24. Spot-on, 2:39, especially in the last paragraph. Here's the simple, well-documented truth about our economy that BE and his compatriots will never admit to:

  25. Obama has no plan, he never has. Let me guess, this will be yet another, in a long line of "Now I am focused on jobs, like a laser beam". We've heard this, countless times. He has no plan, other than to spend spend spend. He already has added over 5 trillion with his deficits since he took office, 1.6 trillion this year alone, and you think it is wise to spend even more?

    We dumped over 3 trillion into the economy, and what did it get us? Nothing, except a few jobs that cost over 250,000 to make, and the weakest dollar in US history.

    You can not say that he saved us, no one can, you do not have the gift of omnipotence to know such things. We could have risen out of the recession had GM and Chrysler been allowed to fail as they should have have been. No one will ever know if things would have been worse, but what is measurable is that SINCE he took office, things have gotten worse, not better. We have lost over 8 million jobs since he took office, the debt has exploded to record levels at record paces, and the US economy is now the weakest it has ever been. Those things are facts, they are not disputable. When Bush was in office, he was blamed for the price of gas, the price of a loaf of bread. Meanwhile, this president himself has put into place, policies that have directly lead to the rise of gasoline, and not one single word is mentioned. He has put in to policies that have caused tens of thousands of hard working Americans to lose their jobs overnight, and the bloated federal regulations he is still pushing for will continue to do the same.

    So yes, by all measurable metrics, he has failed. Unless you consider growing government, owning two car companies, gutting the US oil industry, weakening national defense, letting Iran come even closer to getting a nuke, and alienating us from our long time allies a success.

    I am still curious as to what he has done to create jobs? Not one single month since he took office, has the United States had a positive jobs growth month, not one. Adding 36,00 to 100,000 jobs a month isn't positive growth, it is almost breaking even (you have to add 150,000 to 175,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth). He has not grown jobs in this country ever during his term.

    So yes, the Republicans are just as at fault, but it does not let this failure in chief we currently have off the hook. He has to run on his record, and that record is one of failure after failure...

  26. I refuse to even give that rag my web traffic, there is a reason Huffington Post is bleeding money and not making a dime profit (and probably soon to go belly up from the looks of it). They are as credible as the National Enquirer, minus the Enquirers readership numbers, not too mention I would be more inclined to believe in 'Bat boy' than the liberal dog squeeze they pass as news or opinion.

  27. Typical, BE. Close yourself off in your right-wing echo chamber and you'll never actually have to deal with reality.

    This is why it's not worth answering your challenge to list Obama's accomplishments: you wouldn't listen to them anyway.

  28. Right. More like he has none to brag about. Call me when he has has actually grown jobs in this country for one month.

    And, Lol right, just because I refuse to give the piss-poor example of a news service my business it means I am in a echo chamber. But, lets face reality, the Liberal news organizations have been caught lying quite often lately, so yes, I don't give a damn what they say or lie about this week.

    Next thing you know, you will be calling MSNBC a credible news source as well...

    Huffington Post caught lying to smear Koch brothers.

    Huffington Post accuses Andrew Breitbart of doctoring a video (they hate competition), then apologizes.

    Ed Schultz caught editing video to smear Perry, then apologizes when caught.

    Ed Schultz caught editing self defense quote to smear Neal Boortz, then apologizes.

    Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a Slut.

  29. BE simply goes into defense mode and wraps himself in FOX talking points.

    He blames Obama for only creating enough jobs to break even but won't admit we were losing 750,000 jobs per month when he took over from Dubya. Doctor's would say while things are still critical, stopping the hemmoraging is a major accomplishment.

    Obama has no plan for jobs, yet Boehner and company have been in charge of the House for 245 days and have not put forth one bill relating to jobs. Again, goes to the plan to keep the economy in the tank for political purposes.

    According to BE, no one can ever know what would have happened if we hadn't taken the actions to save the auto and finance industry yet he and his buddies are sure that Obama's policies are the direct cause of tens of thousands of jobs going out the window, all the while he claims we are only keeping pace with jobs. Which is it BE? Are we losing jobs, gaining jobs or breaking even?

    BE claims we own two car companies but they have paid back most of the money loaned to them with interest.

    BE claims Obama has "gutted" the oil industry (which is suffering from record profits) while his GOP friends continue to give them subsidies and tax breaks.

    He claims that Obama has "put in to policies that have caused tens of thousands of hard working Americans to lose their jobs overnight". Really? Please point out which ones specifically. Which night was that?

    No doubt Obama has not got the job done, but instead of sticking to his true failures, people like BE find the need to invent "facts" that do not exist. I don't care that people like BE believe this sort of entertainment, but please don't try to spew your false rhetoric on the rest of us that would rather investigate than inhale.

    BE has always, an unfortunately will likely always, spewed the Fox/Hannity/Limbaugh "fact" machine. When another information outlet is quoted that disagrees he, like his heroes, dismissed them as false, calling them opinion based media, all the while FOX news plays 24/7 in his living room. He watched feverishly as he bloats himself on kool-aid on a daily basis.

    Be, let us know when you wake up.

  30. First off, over 20,000 people lost their jobs overnight when Barry put an end to off-shore drilling in the Gulf, FACT.

    Secondly, he spent 3 trillion and what did it do for the country? Oh, yeah, got us downgraded and weakened us nay further. That's the equivalent to stopping a bleeding wound by putting mud in it.

    Funny, under Bush, unemployment at the time he left office was 5.9%, what is it now? 91. or 92? with the real figure somewhere in the 17% range when you figure in those who just gave up looking.

    The US tax payers lost billions in the bailouts, neither GM nor Chrysler have entirely paid back the loans they were given. GM used bookkeeping tricks to make it appear they did, by paying back money they borrowed but never used. All the while, both companies are no better off financially or structurally than they were before the bailouts, so what was the point again? And will we bail them out in the next ten years when they collapse under the weight of the UAW once again?

    I love when you lefty liberals start screaming about Rush and Sean Hannity. It usually means you are losing the argument.

    Now run back to your MSNBC and see what doctored news they have to spoonfeed you.

  31. So instead of dying at the crime scene, we are bleeding to death in the ambulance. We're still losing jobs monthly, job growth has stagnated and this administration is utterly clueless about growing jobs. We have a president who has never had a job, never ran a company, or even a small business and has no idea what to actually do. Hell, until this debt deal, the only deal he had done prior was the illegal and crooked deal he did with Rezko for his house, which had it been anyone else other than Barack Hussein Obama, they would be in prison right next to Rezko. So is it any wonder that the economy is failing?

    We have a bunch of academics who have never actually done anything, never actually created anything trying to run the most powerful economy on the planet.

    This is a prime example of 'Those that can't do, teach'.

  32. BE states that when people call out Rush or Hannity they are losing the argument. Then, in the same entry, he states that when Dubya left office, unemployment was 5.9%, something that Rush and Hannity both said this week which was wrong. The rate was higher, you'd know if you'd ever check the stats. Oh, but I am sure you would accuse the government of lying when the Dems are in office but swear by what you are told by the GOP.

    Then BE "knows" that GM cooked the books and are no better off financially then they were. So now we know he is at least a CPA and has access to GM's books. More talking points from the two talking heads.

    I guess if you claim Obama is at fault for stopping drilling in the gulf after that tragedy, then you will blame Dubya at fault for the airline workers being out of work after 911 when we weren't flying? Your right. Neither makes sense. And so you are saying that all those people are still out of work, right?

    BE, you continue to entertain those within your own choir. As for the rest of us, we only hear more rhetoric from FOX news.

    If you are going to spew your "facts", at least state some that are hard to check out so that it's not so easy to prove you have no ideas of your own.

  33. Blah Blah Blah.. Neither of us will change the others side. So there is nothing left to say except hopefully you guys will lose and once again the liberals will have to slink back to the shadows where you belong and this country will once again get back on track as it so often does every time your side loses power.

    There is a reason FOX new's enjoys ratings more than every other channel combines and the hacks that have to edit videos to back their side can barely get ratings over a million.

    Numbers do not lie.

  34. Incredible, leaks are now coming out that this clown is going to ask for another stimulus!!!


    Seriously, he is out of control. I can not wait for the opportunity to vote this walking failure out of office.

  35. "Numbers do not lie".

    But FOX news does....every time they say "Fair and Balanced.

    BE = Big talk but no help. I am still waiting for your announcement to run for office. When can we expect you to throw your hat into the ring. With all the answers, and all the created facts, you will be the answer to our prayers.


  36. -yawn- Call me when your president does something that actually works.

    I'm done in this thread. Adios.

  37. BE-*yawn*- Call me when John Boehner and company in the house stop the rhetoric and actually put a bill on the floor of the house about jobs.

    Time to shut up and put up. What is keeping them from doing so? Oh yeah, the next election.

    246 day and nothing even proposed.

    Be careful, BE. Keep throwing around terms like "Adios" and Jan Brewer will want to see your papers!

  38. Don't worry, Barry Hussein just gave amnesty to 99% of the illegals in this country in the middle of the night to buy off the Mexican vote for next year. Never mind such small things as you know, enforcing Federal laws. More important to buy votes.

    lol a Liberal bitching about rhetoric. It's funny you know, you guys scream rhetoric, yet, when that lefty took a round to the skull, your side was instantly blaming the right and accusing us of violent rhetoric, then they turn around and start posting headlines about killing Romney this next election. A Liberal bitching about rhetoric means about as much as Obama lecturing us on personal spending.

    Get real and lay off the marxist koolaid.

  39. Hard Truth - you like to overexaggerate as much as your buddy BE. Funny, no one I know ever heard of giving amnesty to 99% of the illegals, which I am opposed to, by the way. What date and time of night was that? I'd like to go back and look it up. Kind of like the old saying goes that 87.326% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

    And when the congresswoman was shot, most people I know, including me, said the guy was a psycho. But inciteful rhetoric on both sides is proof of small thinking.

    You use the term "your side" as though everyone is alike in their thinking. This isn't true for either side. There is a majority of people in the middle, like myself, who get sick and tired of 'facts" that are made up and believed by the those who aren't interested in understanding how things really work.

    And of course, like so many, anyone that doesn't agree with you is either a socialist or a marxist. Unlike those of us that try to get at the truth, you want to be anything but a realist.

    And when people lecture Obama (which he deserves), just make sure it isn't congress, especially the guys that have spent our money for years and have suddenly "seen the light", especially due to the threat of a primary challenger. The foxes are guarding the henhouse.

    Get real yourself. Your not blind, you just have your eyes closed. Both sides are equally at fault, neither side is interested in anything but reelection and both MSNBC and FOX news aren't really news channels. No one is governing. Both sides are constantly campaigning. Therefore no one is leading.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  40. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that his banning of deportation of illegal aliens and the conditions applied, is nothing but amnesty by fiat.

    Then again, two brain cells is more than some on here have to spare...

    This was nothing but a ploy to get the Hispanic vote after they started cranking the pressure up on him. The sad thing is, it will work. Same with the black vote, they voted something like 95% for him simply because of his skin color, ignorance on that scale is hard to combat with logic.

  41. Is it a form of amnesty? Yep. Did he give amnesty to 99% of illegals overnight? Not even close. Just more fear mongering and over exaggeration by those that make up facts on here in a failed attempt to "prove their point".

    And why is it OK to say that blacks voted for him because they are ignorant while no one is allowed to "use the race card" when talking about the TEA BAGGERS. Double Standard!

  42. Please, every time anyone disagrees with cry baby in chief they are called racist. Look how NBC news had to edit audio to make it sound racist when Perry said "Black cloud". Get over it.

    The truth is blacks voted for him 95% because he is black, the truth is not racist, it is a fact.

    Same reason he isn't taking a bus tour through black neighborhoods, he knows he already has their vote locked up.

    Get a brain.

  43. Illegals are criminalsAugust 20, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    So how is amnesty for criminals right? If they are here illegally, they are criminals, and have already shown an utter lack of respect for this nation, and it's laws. They should not be allowed to stay. Deport them, and make them come in via the proper channels. Despite what the media and the liberals like to claim, this country will not collapse without the illegals here, and the added bonus of fewer of them sucking off the system is a good thing.

  44. Once again, BE shows his true racist feelings. Been proven before on here and now once again, therefore takes away his ability to offer even-handed and constructive criticism. Wouldn't doubt that he is a strong Tea Party endorser.

    BE's lack of judgement is only outdone by his moral bankruptcy. Go ahead, BE, if you feel this strongly about the black vote, say what you really are thinking. Or don't you have the guts?

  45. Still waiting for the date and time of the 99% amnesty. Would love to heck it out for myself. Anyone?

    I didn't think so. Just more idiotic statements by small-minded people.


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