Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open House at Franklin-Monroe

Franklin-Monroe opened the doors of its new school for an open house Sunday. The event was very well-attended and kicked off with a program. Here is the first look at "The Hangar," Franklin-Monroe's new gym. State Representative Dick Adams can be seen addressing the crowd.


  1. Nice looking arena FM. It does have the look of a hangar. Congrats on your new school.

  2. It is a beautiful school! Awesome facility! (I was there today)
    Still a bit of a disaster with the parking lot undone and no landscaping finished, etc.....but I am sure they will get it together soon enough.

  3. Awesome job FM! Greenville is making a big mistake by not going the K-12 route in my opinion. Build once and be done. Not sure ifthere was not enough land or not but I wish they had gone that way. Not surprised though given some of the board's moves.

  4. K-12 was not logical or feasible financially for Greenville, even though I do agree that it's ideal in terms of being one building/location, it just doesn't fit based on the circumstances for Greenville. You can read why at this post from when the committee of community members recommended a K-8:

    I'd be happy to discuss it further, if you'd like (i'm sure this is will be discussed at length during the school's building campaign).


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