Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramco Electric Motors finds room to grow - Company’s purchase of a new facility in Greenville provides room for expansion

The former Timmerman Truss facility in the Greenville Industrial Park (pictured above) will shortly be the new home for Ramco Electric Motors. Ramco’s move to a more spacious facility will allow for pending company expansions.

GREENVILLE- Ramco Electric Motors will shortly be getting a new home in Greenville. The company has announced its purchase of the former Timmerman Truss facility in Greenville’s industrial Park at 5763 Jaysville-St. Johns road and expects to shortly begin the relocation process. Currently, Ramco resides at 1355 Sater Street in Greenville.

Ramco officials say that the move is necessary to improve work flow in its facility and add space. The changes will eventually allow the 24-yr-old Greenville mainstays to service new customers and new product lines. Company Owner & President Dave Dunaway projects eventual creation of new jobs along with the company’s growth. Ramco will also be maintaining its existing workforce of 45 employees after the move.

The Timmerman building purchase culminates a lengthy search process for a new facility. According to Dunaway, the strengths of the new site include better proximity to county highways, higher ceiling heights, and room to grow.

“There’s a lot of acreage that comes along with the facility,” explained Dunaway. “Previously, we were a bit landlocked. The new location allows a lot of flexibility and options in the coming years.”

Dunaway added that the company is excited to be moving from a 30,000 square foot building to the newer 67,000 square foot space. Renovation work at the site will also shortly bring the facilities’ available office space up to approximately 9,000 square feet.

“We need that space to bring on more engineers as well as personnel in quality, materials control, and in production,” he explained.

Ramco manufactures electric motors and related components for use in a variety of industries. Greenville officials say it’s the kind of company they are glad to see experiencing growth.

“The company has shown the ability to evolve over time as they have moved from supplying the food industry to aerospace and defense and, more recently, into alternative energy,” said Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers. “They are adaptable, well run, and exactly the kind of company we want to grow right here in Greenville.”

Dunaway expressed similar thoughts about Ramco’s recommitment to the local area.

“Working throughout this process with the city and county economic development teams has been a great experience. They’ve shown a commitment to partnering with the business community and I look forward to working together in the future,” he stated.

“Obviously, it’s great for the local partnership to get to be a part of yet another company’s expansion project,” stated Darke County Economic Development Director Marc Saluk. “We are extremely fortunate to have the type of companies we do here in Darke County. You read negatives about the economy all the time and yet, local business moves forward. They’ve planned well and we will all benefit because of this.”

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. is a quality certified establishment for the manufacture of special electric motors, stators, cast aluminum & copper rotors, rotor & shaft assemblies, armatures & field yokes for use in industrial, military, and aerospace applications. They are a one-stop build-to-print shop for all processes required to build motors. Ramco was founded in Gettysburg on January 1, 1987 by Dunaway’s father, Louis R. Dunaway. The company moved to Greenville in 1988.


  1. This is awesome! In todays economy, it is so good to see businesses expanding. And in Greenville, no less. The City seems to be doing a great job in retaining and expanding local businesses. That includes the economic development people.

  2. Congrats to Ramco. It good to see positive business growth can happen during these tough times. I wish you continued success.

  3. Congrats to Ramco and wishes of continued success.

  4. Congratulations Dave… I wish you and RAMCO much success in the future and thanks for staying in Greenville. It’s businesses like you that will help Greenville out of the economic slump this entire country is in, and you should be commended.

  5. It's nice to see a company utilize and existing empty building rather than build a new one.


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