Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramco Electric Motors is Expanding!

As you've heard from various press releases, Ramco Electric Motors is expanding. This means they have several job openings for which they are seeking applicants. Click here (or on the image in the right sidebar) for details.


  1. Zero comments. Really?! From the appearances of this post, a local business which recently announced its decision to stay in town is adding numerous quality jobs and . . . crickets chirping?

    Let me be the first to post a thank you to Ramco for their management of their business. Our community is now benefiting from their abilities as a bunch of households will now have another bread winner. Good for Ramco and good for us as a community.

    Also, I can't help but mention that in recent weeks we have learned that the old Fram is staying in town (and, I hope, expanding), Ramco is staying in town and expanding, and the school system received a much better grade card from the State. All of this is happening as the State and Federal economies are facing pretty strong head winds.

    Even a community of "glass half empty" types might have to acknowledge these positives at some point . . .

  2. Congrats to Ramco and owner Dave Dunaway. They could have easily relocated this successful business outside of Darke County, but they made a major decission to stay here and create more jobs. WAY TO Go !!

  3. It's a breathe of fresh air hearing this news and the news about Fram Group not only staying but adding more jobs....now the people of Darke County need to step up and show these people what kind of hard-working people this county is made of

  4. I'm curious if they eciede any grants/loans from the darke county economic dev or other monies. Contests ramco on your expansion.

  5. Wow. What level of angry and negative must one be to not only NOT be excited about this good news, but take the time to read these positive comments and give them a "thumbs down?"

    Some folks just deserve their lousy lot in life I guess.

    This is wonderful news!

  6. Thanks Ramco and Fram!! Way to go Greenville City Schools!


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