Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 1 High School Football Scores

Mississinawa 20 @ Fort Recovery 44
Ansonia 24 vs Perry (Lima) 13
Arcanum 22 vs Preble Shawnee 40
Bradford 28 vs Troy Christian 0
Greenville 13 vs Vandalia Butler 39
Versailles 31 vs Celina 28

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  1. Nice job Greenville! Think how lousy they would have been if the coach and administration had any backbone and sat the vandals on the team?

  2. Agree with 8:55 AM!!! Why does Greenville sports think they revolve around the football team??

  3. If these had been soccer players the kids would have been disciplined. Come to think of it soccer players would not do something that stupid.

  4. Believe me we got disciplined.

  5. Anonymous 7:20
    Answer this. If a math student would have committed a similar act, what would have happened? My guess is, they would be suspended from school, and thus be unable to participate in any activities. This incident happened on school property during a school activity, therefore it is punishable, not just by the coaching staff, but the administration of the school. The perception here is that the coaches handled this "in house" to avoid further punishment by the administration, thus keeping players eligible when they probably shouldn't be, given the circumstances. Wasn't one of the culprits also disciplined last baseball season, and been the subject of many other accusations (poss unsubstantiated, but where there is smoke there is fire)? I don't believe for one second that any other of the varsity coaches would be given the liberty to handle this situation on their own. There has to be consistency when disciplining all students. What do you think will happen the first time a student is suspended for similar conduct? If it were my son, would I be able to call the school and ask that he be taken outside and made to run or carry equipment, probably not! but that is the phone call the school is setting itself up for.

  6. Anonymous 9:28pm-
    I would like to know where you get off thinking you know for sure what happend- were you there? were you in the office with those boys? How do you know that those boys did not get into trouble? I know what those boys did was not right but is what they did any different then if the senior class would burn there school year into the front yard? or when I was inschool someone chained all the doors together? What is it to you? why do you care what those boys did? did they cost you any money or a job? the answer is no they didn't. T Also in your post it sounds like you are singling a young athlete out? do you have something against this kid? it sure sounds like it... I hope for your sake that your son does not do anything to make people talk about him in front of you... have respect!

  7. I agree 100% with 9:28! Those boys should have sat out at least one game. I don't have any kids playing, yet, but think about the perspective of the other players who did nothing wrong. Teammates and captains set a bad example and still get to play. The punishment was not enough for what they did!

  8. Per the GHS Student Handbook, page 17 ( Damage to Property)- A student shall not vandalize nor cause or attempt to cause damage to school property or private property on school premises, or at any school activity on or off school grounds. Restitution will be required. Penalties for violation will result in up to 10 days of OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSION and a recommendation may be sent to the superintendent for expulsion.

    ......just saying!

  9. Why are all these posts anonymous? The boys had no intention of being malicious. The floor was not yet finished, and they knew several more coats were involved to reach completion. So...someone left a thumbprint, or a small set of etched initials. Those without sin should cast the first stone. Have none of the anonymous posters done anything they regret? Why do you want to judge to the players and the coaching staff? Does it make you feel better? As seniors, they thought it would be a fun idea to leave their mark on the school. These boys are a great group of kids, and I will defend them and the coaching staff to the end. Carol Zimmerman

  10. Vinny from Jersey ShoreAugust 31, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    handbook guy:

    so you're saying that it was followed? Their punishment is in line with what is outlined there.

    "Up to..."

  11. Why is it such a secret? If they were punished why don't one of you that are sticking up for them tell us all what the punishment was?
    Senior or not does not make it ok.
    At what point does "leaving their mark" get out of hand?
    I'm not saying this was that bad but I am saying kids these days will keep pushing till one or some of them push the limit too far.

  12. Hey Vinny, the way it reads to me is that they should have had at least one day, and max. was up to 10 days, of suspension. And to the previous poster that said they wanted to "leave their mark" wouldn't have been leaving a mark if they thought it was going to be covered back over right away. That makes no sense. The problem is not so much with the boys as it is with the coach/AD for not following through with the same rules as everyone else has to follow in the handbook.

  13. Arnold from "Hey Arnold!"August 31, 2011 at 9:11 AM

    Keep in mind that they were not doing it during school sessions. When they did it, they did it while participating in the football program. Thus, it was handled within that framework.

    The 'damage' done, while wrong and disrespectful, did not cause any additional work or cost any additional funds. I know because I asked.

    The punishment was that they lost privileges to the good locker room. Use of that locker room is earned through participating in off season workouts and other volunteer workouts. They also had extra running to do, as well as cleaning and carrying equipment for the entire team for the rest of the year.

    To say that isn't sufficient punishment says to me that you simply have an ax to grind with with either the players involved or the coaching staff.

  14. missing something...September 1, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    I don't know about the "vandals" and I don't have kids in high school so I have no idea what everyone is referring to- (why so cryptic in references to both the action and the punishment?) - I am just wondering (with regards to the basketball coaches recent firing) if "strength of program" and win/loss records are what we're basing our coach's longevity - when do you think the AD will suggest hiring a new varsity coach...oh wait a minute...never mind


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