Friday, September 30, 2011

Female Chocolate Lab Roams North Side of Greenville

For the past 3 months there has been a young female chocolate lab that has been seen by many Greenville residents that live on the northern end of town. Everywhere from North Park behind Kroger to the Greenville City Park this lost girl has been roaming. Live traps have been set by the dog pound in multiple locations but she is so scared of people that she refuses to go in them. When people to approach her she takes off running. Winter is on the way and we are desperately trying to catch her!!! She looks to still be young and deserves a home that will offer the love and care she deserves.

Over the last week her sightings have suddenly become less and less. There are multiple families who would love to offer her a home but we are in need of help in trying to catch/locate her for this to be possible. If at any time you do see her please do not chase her but merely make note of the time and location that she was seen. If you do happen to see her please contact us with the info at:

Here are a few pictures of her....

Thank you for all of your help!!!


  1. At one time my parents fell in love with a dog from the same type of situation. They got the dog to hang around to eat and play but never had the touching and training as other dogs. This dog is like the one I know of from a past time. Probably born in the wild and never trusted and people, may by shot at or abused. The best thing for this dog is the freedom it enjoys with a meal waiting from a caring person along the way.

  2. I had seen this dog many of times run around Russ Rd. in mid afternoon, but I haven't seen it for the last two weeks.

  3. I've seen the dog a few times this past week, in the area of the water tower on Russ Rd.

  4. thursday was at Sugarmaple and Buckeye

  5. I saw her Friday outside of Oakley House, I called and called for her with no luck :( Poor baby.


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