Saturday, September 24, 2011

Newly proposed Ohio House districts & analysis for Darke County

Ohio House and Senate districts are due to be redrawn this year. Changes must be made to reflect changes in population that have occured since the last redistricting. Ohio Republicans control the process this time around due to their 4-1 majority on the Apportionment Board. Republicans have now released the newly proposed House Districts, and the new districts represent changes for Darke County's representation in the State House.

If you didn't already know, Darke County is divided into two House Districts (see the map below). The 77th House District includes the majority of Darke County, including all of Greenville, and is currently represented by Jim Buchy. This district also includes all of Preble and Mercer Counties. The 79th District includes a handful of townships in southeastern Darke County, including Arcanum, and is represented by Richard Adams. This district includes all of Miami County.

Buchy's new district (the new 84th District) no longer includes Preble County, and loses a few townships within Darke County. Added are parts of the current 78th District (represented by John Adams), including rural areas of Shelby and Auglaize Counties.

Richard Adams' district remains largely the same, picking up just a couple Darke County townships taken from Buchy's district. Richard Adams would seem to remain the favorite to hold his seat, as he is from Miami County, and the district will remain dominated in numbers by Miami County voters.

Buchy, on the other hand, has had significant changes in his district. However, Buchy would still seem to be the favorite if he wishes to keep the seat. It does not appear from the new map that Buchy's new district includes Sidney, which is where John Adams lives. John Adams will likely be the favorite to hold his current seat, which still includes parts of Shelby County and all of Champaign County, where John Adams is very popular. Buchy's new territories in Shelby and Auglaize Counties are rural, not likely to hold great a concentration of voters, and will not have a favorite incumbent (because these areas are primarily from John Adams' old district).

Some in Darke County had hoped that Darke County would have its own district this time around. But it does not appear this will occur (at least according to the new proposal) and Darke County will remain divided among two House Districts. The Apportionment Board will meet next week, and a vote on the newly proposed districts will occur sometime soon afterward.


  1. The latest attempt by Republicans to be the dictatorship of Ohio.

  2. It's done, now. Read em and weep lefties. :)

  3. Are you retarded? Do you not understand how the system works? Or is it only a dictatorship when YOUR side loses? You don't like it? Please feel free to move to a democrat ran state, they are easy to find, they are the ones with all the people fleeing for jobs.

    I bet if you lefties were gaining seats this wouldn't be such a problem for you, huh.

  4. Both parties do this so no big surprises here. But if things were the other way around, good ol' BE would be screaming foul and calling everyone communists and socialists.


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