Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Representative Buchy and Senator Faber to Answer Questions on Issue 2 in Versailles

Columbus, Ohio- Ohio State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) will join Ohio State Senator Keith Faber (R-Celina) in addressing local citizens on the merits of Issue 2. The event will begin at 7pm on Thursday, November 3rd at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Versailles. The forum is being hosted by Educate Versailles. The meeting will include the thoughts of Darke County Engineer Jim Surber who opposes Issue 2. Citizens for, against, and undecided on Issue 2 are encouraged to attend the informational meeting and question and answer session.

Issue 2 is a referendum of collective bargaining reforms law passed by the Ohio General Assembly this spring. It will be on the November Ballot. Senator Faber and Representative Buchy both voted in favor of the reforms following a series of town hall meetings across the district where the two law makers listened to area residents and brought their concerns back to Columbus, ultimately impacting the final version of the bill.

Representative Buchy says, “Issue 2 is about jobs. That is the message I have been taking around the state.” If passed the measure is expected to help local governments, schools, and the state manage rising labor costs which has become a struggle with a weak economy and lower tax receipts.

Event Details
Issue 2 Educational Forum
Hosted by: Educate Versailles
Starts at 7pm
The Knights of Columbus Hall
8440 State Route 47
Versailles, Ohio 45380


  1. I firmly believe Issue 2 will get voted down (i.e. "no" votes), but HOLY SMOKES, that "debate" last night should have just been called a massacre. Keith Faber obliterated the guy against issue 2. Did he even bother preparing? Since when do "snow plows" have anything to do with firefighters having proper safety equipment! What a joke that was!

  2. All you will hear are the memorized lines: Create jobs---10% retirement and 15% health. When you ask how many public employees are not paying 10% and 15%; they will answer this will create jobs. If you ask them about those jobs; they will respond isn't it fair that everyone pay 10% and 15%. If you ask them why they are exempt from the law; they will revert to one of the previous statements.

  3. Senator Faber and Representative Buchy both voted in favor of the reforms following a series of town hall meetings across the district where the two law makers listened to area residents and brought their concerns back to Columbus, ultimately impacting the final version of the bill.

    I was in attendence, last spring, at one of these townhall meetings. Neither man listened---they told those assembled what we should think and did not allow for any real interaction of ideas. Both men have forgotten what representational democracy entails.

  4. Here are the facts about SB 5/Issue 2. The law will require that all public employees pay 10% to retirement and at least 15% of health care. This is a fair demand, but well over 90% do already so there will be very little savings. The law requires merit-based pay which sounds good until you realize that not all elected school boards, county commissioners, village councils, etc. are fair and objective. That is what brought unions into existence years ago.
    The supporters say it will give taxpayers a seat at the table. Well, they have always had seats that have been occupied by elected school boards, county commissioners, village councils, etc. There will be no more seats under SB 5, just the same people that have signed every union contract, given every retirement pickup, and approved every pay raise, perk and fringe benefit that ever existed.
    The primary goal of SB 5 is to eliminate unions, not for the sake of saving money, but simply for the sake of partisan political advantage. There are many voters who share this goal and there are many others who support Issue 2 because they detest or envy public employees. Their “Yes” votes are understandable. Those who vote “Yes” thinking it will save money or create jobs are being completely duped by the politicians.

  5. The one thing I don't agree with in JS's argument and I have heard it many times....that it is for "partisan political advantage." Are union members unable to think for themselves? I mean, this bill doesn't require that their brains and spine be removed, right? Do they NEED the union to tell them what to do or how to think? I don't get that. It's like union supporters are admitting they can't make decisions without their union. That's where they lose me every time.

    Think about that for a minute, folks......using common sense and objective logic -- not emotion.

  6. Here's the deal Suzy. If you don't have a united front, you have nothing. When a union begins negotiations, meetings are held and what comes out of that is a consensus document that states what you will be asking for. One person has little to no power. A united front has a lot of power. Some one has your back. Firefighters and police officers work that way 24-7. Someone always has to have your back. If you've never worked in a situation like that it's hard to understand. The union tells no one how to think, the people are the union. It is only as good as the weakest person. Having been through the process a number of times, it is common sense. I saw what it was before we were organized. There is no emotion involved at all. The logic of it is, every political subdivision would hope that the labor body would go away. That would give them their club back and their ability to bully whoever they wanted whenever they wanted.

  7. Suzy,
    Think about what you have said. No, the members do not need a union to tell them what to do or how to think. They do need it to represent their collective interests. This representation will evaporate if Senate Bill 5 is law. The final decision in all negotiations will be made by management. This is why collective bargaining will be reduced to collective begging.

    guaranteed under the Constitution of the United
    States. Your rights have been fought for. People
    have been abused, beaten, and have died to
    protect your rights. You should NEVER give them
    away. NOT EVEN ONE! Our basic rights, like
    freedom of speech and the right of assembly, are
    what separates our country from the oppressive
    regimes of the world. There are those that would
    have you believe that SB5 is simply about
    overpaid teachers and government workers. SB5
    is about much more than that. It also takes away
    YOUR right to have a say in how you and your
    fellow workers are treated. Not for just a few
    weeks or until the economy gets a little better. It
    takes away your rights permanently. That may not
    seem important to you now, but at some time in
    the future you, or your children, or your
    grandchildren, will probably need the right to
    stand up, gather with like minded people, and
    have a say in how they are treated in the
    workplace. You do not need to be a member of a
    labor union for this to affect you. SB5 takes away
    the rights of ALL workers. The contracts of
    teachers and government workers are not gifts.
    They are negotiated contracts. If you feel they are
    over paid you need to take a serious look at your
    elected officials and their appointed officers who
    are doing the negotiating. Mayors, council
    members, commissioners, trustees, school
    boards, superintendents... that is where you need
    to look. That is where the real fight is. Do not give
    away your rights with a simple touch of the
    computer screen on a voting machine. If you need
    the freedom to bitch for respect at work in the
    future you will not have it, and it will be one hell of
    a fight trying to regain your Constitutional rights.
    Vote NO in ISSUE 2.

  9. Sponsoring the event is the group, Educate Versailles.

    No need, we all know how laughable this group is.

    If they are so worried about taxpayer money, maybe they could reimburse the school system and the town for the money they didn't pay in taxes and utilities when they went bankrupt in their own businesses. Funny they didn't seem too worried about tax payers when the tax payers had to cover the expenses incurred by their failed businesses.

    And now these same failed gentlemen who couldn't run their own businesses want to tell the school system how to run theirs.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Give us all a break! Pay up or shut up!

  10. Buchy and Faber didn't listen to anyone opposing them in the town hall meetings, Buchy kept muttering " you are being lied to".
    But he could never say who was lying or what "they" were lying about.
    As a republican union member I will get involved in the county party committee level if I can before the next election.
    I want to see someone elected that represents all of us, Not just their narrow special interest donors, their behavior is disgusting IMO.

  11. Buchy and Faber were telling you the truth.

    You are being lied Buchy and Faber!

  12. I thought a republican union member was like a unicorn! Good for you, Nomad.


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