Monday, December 19, 2011

Greenville Eagles 2177… Santa’s visit a special day of magic

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“That’s just Santa’s helper, right? The real Santa is at the North Pole right now?”

“No… that’s the real Santa. He came here just for all of you.”

“But shouldn’t he be making toys?”

“He is. He’s making toys. He’s visiting children everywhere. And he’s here visiting us.”

The boy – about five or six – was skeptical.

“Okay. How do you think he gets all those toys in his bag and on his sled, then takes them to the boys and girls all over the world in one night?”

“Well… his bag is magic.”

“And so is he. And his sled. He can be anywhere he wants to be… all at one time. Everything about Santa is magic. You believe in Santa, don’t you?”

Enthusiast nod.

“Then you have to believe in the magic of Christmas and the gifts he brings us. Oops. Your turn. Santa’s waiting for you…”

Convinced… maybe… the young boy bounced up on the stage to give Santa his Christmas list.

Santa’s recent visit to The Greenville Eagles was enjoyed by more than 100 children and grandchildren of Eagles members. Members appreciated Santa’s devotion and attention to the children, noting the time he spent with each individual child.

“You could see he really wanted to make this special for the kids,” said one member.

At Santa’s request, Aerie President Steffanie Baker and Auxiliary President Lois Fowble, handed out his toys to each child after he visited with them. Every present had the child’s name on it and was brought straight from the North Pole especially for that child.

The Eagles also handed out sacks of candy and fruit to the children during its annual Kids Christmas Party.

Greenville Eagles 2177 is a fraternal organization devoted to service to the community, its youth and its members. Membership applications are available to anyone over 21. They can be filled out at the Downtown facility on Third Street.

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