Friday, December 23, 2011

Versailles Area Historical Society Seeks Items for Displays

The Versailles Area Historical Society Wishes you a Merry Christmas and is asking… “All I Want for Christmas…”

This cute Christmas song of the 1950’s could be the Dentist’s anthem, but for your Versailles Area Museum it’s the first call to filling our museum with treasures from North Star to Webster, from Osgood to New Weston, from Willowdell to Russia, from Yorkshire to Frenchtown and Versailles all points in between!

While we don’t want to be Grandma’s attic, full of things that might not mean a thing in telling our story, we are looking for some specific items now for displays that we are working on and tell the story of us! Can you help?

Here is our first “Christmas List” and we hope you can help:

  1. Items, pictures, and first person accounts (letters, diaries, news articles) about the Town Fire of 1901
  2. Photos, military articles, and first accounts from our area soldiers.
  3. Some furniture that is specifically made here or used in local homesteads.
  4. Old items from the rural schools of our area.
  5. Items from old area businesses.
  6. Versailles Railroad history.
  7. Local vintage sports memorabilia.
  8. Area civic and church history and memorabilia.

If you can donate or loan us any of these items, please call any of the museum’s Board of Trustees. They are Deb Pohl, Ron Kramer, Bev Brown, Sarah Magoto, Evelyn Simons, Alice Huffman, or Jim Kelch. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Merry Christmas!

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