Friday, December 16, 2011 Small Business Owners Seeking "Sensible Regulations" has a feature on some local small business owners who are seeking "sensible regulations" in an effort to keep costs down to encourage growth. They are part of a campaign called "Small Business for Sensible Regulations" which is pushing back against regulations that can cost up to $10,000 per employee to meet.

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  1. Would like to have some facts pointed out. These two small business owners saying that there are too many regulations but don't name any specifically. I agree, sensible is the way to go but why not list some of the ones they are talking? And how do they calculate the $10,000? And they only list Federal regulations. My experience is that the State of Ohio is just as bad, like Worker's Comp premiums, as an example. So why not point those out as well?

    Without more details, pretty much a pointless story.

  2. Anonymous 8:19- if you will go to the NFIB website, in the banner at the top click on the subject of Issues and Elections. in that window, scroll down to Regulations impacting Small Business. It will tell you which ones are pending and which ones have been enacted. Also on the left hand side of the page you can click on all the subjects that they are working on. Hope this helps!

  3. My thoughts exactly. The protests over 'regulations' seems to rear its ugly head a lot, but I've yet to hear a list of regulations that can be dealt with one on one, or one step at a time. Also, Baker Baumann seems like a very intelligent woman and I wonder why she has become the 'go-to' spokesperson for this very conservative group.

  4. Mike,

    I read through the NFIB website and still find it to be more general than specific. The big, bad government is going to run you out of business! I work for a small business and I don't see any major increases in regulations more than those imposed during the last administration. I don't always agree with OSHA and the EPA but they are necessary entities. And as far as the healthcare debate, as the NFIB website states, many businesses aren't even sure how they will be affected.

    I did view the local videos of Baker-Bauman, Beagle and O'Dell.

    Beagle talks about the EPA but incorrectly states that her company would have to annex to tap into the local sewer. That is false (cities can't force annexation due to this mandate) and the push is more from the state EPA and the local health districts, which might not be bad in some cases.

    O'Dell talks about all the money he had to spend on EPA equipment but then states 2006 as a date when spent, during the last Republican Administration, not because of the current one, as the NFIB tends to stress.

    While I agree that we need sensible regulations only, I find a lot of "scare-tactics" "Anti-Washington" push involved. The NFIB might as well be a pro-Republican website in the way the information is presented.

    I am pro-business as anyone and I believe that too much regulations can hurt but an honest straight-forward dialog would make me give this more credence. Lack of that makes me still think this is pretty much a pointless story. Sounds too much like political rhetoric. If that's not the case then they need to rethink their approach.

  5. Anonymous 9:52- I thought the website was pretty specific, but I guess it is how you look at it. One other thing about the EPA and having to hook up to municipalities. The Local jurisdiction is the enforcement agency, but the push is coming from the federal level. We have several examples in the county, the latest one being the North Star, Osgood, Yorkshire sewer district. The EPA wants all small villages, and everyone really, to be on a single sewage system. At one time, they wanted Palestine and Glen Karn to be pumped into New Madison. We also have a few others that are needing to consolidate and our Health Dept.starts the procedure, but it is being driven from a higher level. The deciding factor in most cases will be the affordability of such projects. I also found it a little curious that you said you worked for a small business, does that mean you are not the owner?

  6. Baker-Bauman is a shill for Boehner.

  7. then maybe now is the time to clean up some of these regulations, starting from the bottom and working up
    i would like to see some of specifics about what specific regulations they are talking about from those like baker bauman
    i can see where some epa regulations are necessary now, with all the people around now, you can't go just dumping dangerous chemicals in the ground like the pcbs and mercury compounds, which caused the state a few years ago to suggest not even wading in the greenville creek. on the other hand, i'm sure lots more of the gov't regulations are not needed, but serve to advance the psuedo green agenda of some liberals today.

  8. This whole argument is almost all Republican-inspired rhetoric. Yes, regulations cost money and many seem wasteful. The come to us from both sides of the aisle even though some would have you believe they only come from one side.

  9. I didn't hear even one specific regulation that is damaging their businesses. You would think they could name at least one!!

  10. It would seem the Republicans use this as an excuse as to why they have not created any jobs.
    But they never specify just what "regulations" they are talking about.

  11. Notice that the unspecific regulations they gripe about are federal not state. Had this been one to four years ago it would have been both. The state regulations ceased to be a problem when a Republican governor was put in office. Should a Rep. president be elected next year, they will stop griping about both federal and state regulations. Nothing will have changed, except that no government regulations will be hurting their business. The NFIB does little more than promote Republicans and trash Democrats.


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